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Thread: Has anyone had rotator cuff repair surgery?

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    Well, I put in for Medicaid, and soon as that goes thru (if it does) I will be asking my doctor about a referral for an MRI and take it from there.

    I too wish I had tried to take steps to get it repaired, or at least evaluated, several months ago - the pain is constant, sleep is very difficult, ROM is very limited, and my collarbone looks like it married a damned tennis ball on top

    Nothing like Christopher's infamous elbow, but quite unnatural nonetheless. It's also my right arm, so everything is just that much more difficult. I'll let you folks know how it goes. At least on the bright side - chicks REALLY dig shoulder scars, I'm told


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    How is it going?

    I was reading your post, and thought I would respond.
    I am a 47yr old nurse and I had arthroscopic surgery on my left shoulder 3 weeks ago. I had a subacromial decompression, distal clavicle resection, and extensive debridement of the labrum. According to the MRI I had a huge bone "hook", and it was fraying the tendon. i TRIED PT, AND CORTISONE INJECTIONS, AND THEY WERE NOT WORKING, SO i OPTED FOR SURGERY. WAS SCARED TO DEATH!!!! Especially of the nerve block, but I thank god for that now, cause it lasted for 24 hours, so that was one day less of pain! It was painful after surgery, but the meds and ice helped greatly. I started PT twice weekly 3 days after surgery, and 3 times daily everyday at home. It's a pain in the butt, and sometimes I don't want to do it, but I do, and it has helped. I can now raise my arm over my head and out to the side. It is still quite weak, but they haven't started any weight bearing exercises for strengthening yet. I see the Doc next week for my one month check. I just started sleeping back in the bed this week, was sick of the recliner. Just can't roll on that side. It is still painful, don't get me wrong, especially when reaching, and getting dressed is still hard. Driving bothers me as well, but I do it. I understand the money issue, and that is hard. I was layed off of my job 3 days before my surgery. I don't know how long before I can work, I know I could'nt now, not at full capacity. Just wanted you to know that I don't regret having the surgery in the least, the pain I had prior to surgery is gone, so hopefully they fixed it.
    Good luck to you, and feel free to write it you want, it's nice to talk to someone with the same type of problem

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    To person who fell in coffee shop

    If I were you, I would see an attorney. Obviously the coffee shop doesn't want to pay, but THEY ARE LIABLE! And, they know it! They're hoping people like yourself who say "I'm just glad to be moving, etc." will feel precisely that way. They also hope you just go away. I know first-hand because I fell in front of a store on an icy sidewalk which the retailer failed to clear off and keep safe for all customers coming and going. Since that fall, over a year ago, I've had 4 rotator cuff surgeries, 2 on each side and no longer have use of my right arm. Long story short, my first surgeon left me with an arm which I can no longer use; i.e., deltoid muscle atryphied (died and fell down my arm) and my right shoulder rotator cuff also went the same way. My life has been changed forever! I am disfigured beyond belief all because I fell on ice and subsequently had a horrible surgeon who didn't have the good judgment to refer me on to a shoulder specialist. At this point, I barely have use of my left arm as well and am looking at yet another surgery, rotator cuff repair of a much larger tear than what was previously thought in September. This will take place in January and hopefully I will regain some use to my left arm. I now see the best shoulder specialist in the Midwest, who is also the team doctor for the MN Twins. I trust that he will give me back some of my life. In closing, I would tell anyone who has taken a fall on private (or even public), property to consult with an attorney. We did and are so glad we made the decision early on. We've gone through too much due to the negligence of others to have to deal with insurance companies, bill collectors, etc. We leave all that to our attorney. Good luck!

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