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Thread: SpeediCath Compact in US?

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    SpeediCath Compact in US?

    I have been trying to find Coloplast's nifty SpeediCath Compact in a 10 FR, but I get conflicting information. Some tell me it is not available in the US, yet. Allegro Medical's online site lists it, but they only have the 14 Fr and refer me to their supplier (Independent Medical) who tell me they don't have it.

    Googling tells me that the FDA gave Coloplast approval to market them in the US in late 2007.

    Anyone have any info? My young daughter is learning to cath herself and managing even the 6-inch long caths while balacing on a toilet is a little tricky for her. The SpeediCath Compact is really short (7 cm overall I think), hydrophilic, and looks like a pretty nifty and discreet design that appeals to her. If only I could find them and then get insurance to cover them!

    Any info is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi David,
    In my experience of searching for a product I always have the best luck when I go directly to the source. Try the coloplast is a link

    There are two choices on the home page on is finding a incontinence dealer and the other is a request for sample. On the sample request page there is a 1-800# this will usually get you to a rep who can help you find a dealer who carries this type.

    Good Luck!

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    Definitely give Coloplast a call.


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    Contacting Coloplast is one great way. They can also be found at JRS Medical or and 180 Medical.
    These Caths are great!! I love them

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    These are great! Our supplier just got them in 10 FR. We use PRN in Phoenix to order all our supplies. They are great!! These are very compact, self lub. She is comfortable putting them in her purse. She is new to SCI (11-9-08) and is using these with some help on the toilet within the past couple of weeks.

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