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Thread: Damn,damn & damn!

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    Unhappy Damn,damn & damn!

    Okay so were having just the best day at the lake ...... after having Bill spend another one of "those days" in bed .... all day on Saturday .... Sunday I told him to get his butt out of that bed ..... now .... and let's go ! So he did !

    We all pile on my sister and brother-in-law's pontoon boat ... Bill included ..... first time on the lake since he was injured ..... lots of room for him and his chair, warm sunny day and we're all having a lovely lovely time!!! My sister slows the boat down to point out something on the shore and then without even thinking resumes speed .... which on a pontoon is really not all that fast .... but .... no matter .... too fast for a stationary wheelchair not anchored down (hard lesson learned - I know what you're all thinking ) ....and over Bill went ... ass over tea kettle ...... we all jumped to his aid of course but too late ....... so we get him righted up again .... brief inspection to make sure everything is still connected and pulled out and battened down ...... f**k ...... we were having such a nice time ..... we all felt so bad none of us thought ...... well .... that none of us thought .....

    Afterwards everything appeared to be alright .... on the outside .. no bumps or bruises that we could see ..... Bill felt a bit dizzy from the shock of it but other than a twist to his neck he said he felt okay! Today will tell the tale ... I pray he's okay .... he's still at his Mom's soooooo .... I'll see him later this a.m. !!

    You know ...... we all carried on and tried to make the best of things afterwards and he really did seem to be alright ...... but surviving these sort of incidents isn't so much about the physical part (although I was very relieved he was okay) ..... its the emotional slap in the face it gives you. It took us .... me and my girls ...... a long time to shake it off and actually I still feel the sting of it a little today ! It's this constant underlying reminder ..... " okay go on now have a good time .... don't let this injury slow you down or keep you from living life .... but ... whatever you do don't ever forget a single detail and always always remember .... you're .. in .. a ... wheelchair .... " ! BAM .... its like you can never let your guard down even for a minute ..... its the vulnerability the f'ing vulnerability this injury places on you ..... like a shadow that stays with you ..... always ..... skulking ...... laying in wait .....

    So that's my rant ....... we're fine .... we're really fine ..... I guess .... I'm just so pissed that it had to happen ...... at all !! We were having such a great time ...........

    My sister felt terrible and my brother-in-law bless his heart did his best to make things all alright .... but it shook them up too .... they bought the boat with Bill in mind and they were so excited to finally get him out on it ...... damn damn damn ............

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    glad he's ok. must been cool being on a boat. next time tie his chair to the rail.
    oh well

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    Live and learn!
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    Hugs Obi. Just hugs for you all.

    Glad part of it was great. Hope Bill's ok today. Check for fractures.

    Next time will be better. Try to get him back out there soon.
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    I take it Bill stayed on board? If so, it could have been much worse. The choice is between the risk of activity and the early living death of never doing anything remotely active.

    Stuff happens, time heals. What don't kill us makes us...sore? Hopefully, Bill will have no lasting ill effect of his adventure and, with time, this will be a funny story.

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    I hope he's alright.It happens to all of us sooner or later.
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    Ya know, AB people often trip, fall over, or go overboard on boats too. Yeah he was in a chair but anyone could have taken a spill. That's how I'd look at it anyway.

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    Am I out of line to ask why Bill didn't have hold of something? Chairs are tippy beasts. Mine loves to dump me. This is not all anybody's fault. If there is no harm done, fingers crossed for that, then it's just one more of the lessons.

    It's okay, Obie.

    One suggestion, if the boat has benches. On the scuba boat, they set us upon life jackets (or his w/chair cushion) leaned back upon yet more life jackets. If Bill can transfer into something like that, it's a lot safer than sitting on round wheels on a boat.

    Love ya, J. You did good, getting him out for a fun day. Can I go next time?

    Please tell the in-laws I applaud them, and not to give up on Bill out on the water!

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    glad he's ok

    I outted my chair 5 times the fitst 2 months home. I know for a fact my family was way more freaked out than I was. I just wonderedifn' my life was gonna be like a jumping bean up-down-up-down, but haven't dumped since. My poor dtr was the most shook in all these-- but she's gettin better, since I can get myself back up. I hope he was wearing or there was life jacket near. Hopefully there is a lighter side in nthis somehow, as we all must keep laughter in our life, no matter the situation.It simply is the key to life, and balance of life I do beleive.

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    Do not feel bad that this both were enjoying life at that moment...and for the time being, Bill's SCI was not in the forefront of anyone's minds. Like someone said, ABs trip and fall on boats all of the time. Just hold on to the fact that you both (up until that moment) were enjoying life.
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