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Thread: Looking to purchase FES Bikes

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    Red face Looking to purchase FES Bikes

    Hello everyone,
    I am looking to purchase a few FES Bikes--currently I am looking for the ERGYS 2 FES Bike and also the RT300 FES Bike. If you are looking to sell your FES Bike or know somebody who does, please notify me by email; I would really appreciate any pictures that you can provide as well.
    Thank you in advance for all your help with this, I am really looking forward to hearing back from all of you.


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    FES Info

    If you would like to discuss your potential purchase please feel free to give me a call at 602-390-9144. I have lots of good info on the the three available FES Bikes plus the best portable FES system.

    Arnie Fonseca, Jr

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