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Thread: Alcoholic Neuropathy newbie

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    one tablespoon of baking soda in water 4 breckfast. best of luck.

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    Baking Soda?

    What is the baking soda in water for? I must have missed that part.
    I am new also and may, or probably have alcoholic neuropathy since everything else checks out normal, or negative.. Have had it since 2005.
    Not getting any better and is worse after a night of several drinks..
    Thank you to anyone that responds.. This is an old thread looks like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zorrro13 View Post
    Oh by the way my right foot has swollen a little but just a little and I'm not concerned however when attempting to stand the blood rushes down and it turns a deep red nearly light brown whilst my other foot is white. It feels like it will explode so I lay down again. My question being is it possible that anti inflammatories may help with the pain?
    this sounds like a blood clot. something with circulation. Glad you are getting a work up tomarrow.

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    I am new to this and I am writing for my sister who can not use her hands any longer. Please, I need help. My sister started drinking early and was a functioning alcoholic for ten or better years. Her son, who is manic bipolar schitz went off his meds and killed his girlfriend 17 years ago was put in prison for life. She tried to deal with the emotional pain. But when he was beaten so bad and kept in the hole for months, he came out a different person, she had lost her son. So fast forward she has spent the past 17 years drinking from the time she got up till she passed out, then she would do it all over again. She grieved with the bottle and flat out tell you she didn't care. Well, this past April all hell broke loose and she wasn't expected to live. I thank god she's still here but can't bear to see her in so much pain. She has been to hospital, rehab, home, drs. specialist, now 6 weeks with a pain management clinic. She is severely affected with alcoholic neuropathy, alcoholic liver disease. She can not walk, hurts to sit or lay, she has no grip in her hands. Her life is in constant aggonizing pain. We went to pain management because her dr refused to give her any pain meds. Our first visit after filling out eight pages sent to them weeks before, the dr walks in, why are you here, where's your pain. She tells him both arms, hands legs and feet and her pain level 25. He gets so worried, have you been tested for this for that asking over and over of things did she or ate, then he mentions do you drink? We both just looked at him... really it says right there "alcoholic neuropathy, liver disease", he immediately looked like well and said ohhhh said that he couldn't. We told him that she need help, she knows any pain meds could damage liver more even end her life, but she has no life with the pain. The dr. waited till liver functions came back and gave her 10 mg of oxycodone? @ 12 relief next visit he made it 10mg of same @ 8 relief. We went in today and it was terrible. He came in, how's it going . She said no relief, I'm in missery, I can't rest, I can't eat, I keep everyone up all night, I need something. He said well I'll try you at 10.5, she said is that all you can do, with your experience does .5 mg going to help me. He said if you don't want my help you can go somewhere else. No we can't. That's when I said, I really need to say this, you've had this attitude the minute you saw the word alcoholic,, he tells she did this to herself. I loose it, yes I say she knows she drank herself to death but came back and she regrets it but stop blaming her and help her, you want her suffer because caused it? He was ready to walk out and she was crying begging him to help. I said she can't live like this and he oh are you going to kill yourself? She said I can't but I wish someone would. He was being so smug, I personally wanted to bust him right in the face. He does not care if she is suffering. I don't know where to turn. can anyone help me find her help. I would be very grateful

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    Hi, I am a newbie too, to this site. My father has alcoholism symptoms too. He has been told that his pains in his legs and hands are due to the damage caused by alcohol but that his liver is fine. He has to go for a mri scan in a few weeks as they want to assess the damage the alcohol has done to his brain but now he has started drinking again. He says it is only one or two shots or rum but I think he shouldn't be drinking at all. Is this right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mustangcabby View Post
    Hi, I am a newbie too, to this site. My father has alcoholism symptoms too. He has been told that his pains in his legs and hands are due to the damage caused by alcohol but that his liver is fine. He has to go for a mri scan in a few weeks as they want to assess the damage the alcohol has done to his brain but now he has started drinking again. He says it is only one or two shots or rum but I think he shouldn't be drinking at all. Is this right?
    He is an alcoholic. This goes along with having a huge amount of denial about being an alcoholic and the ill-effects that his drinking has on his body. There is no way an alcoholic can safely drink "just one or two shots" or any amount of social drinking. Please get an intervention done, and get him into a substance abuse treatment program. His life depends upon it.

    I would also strongly recommend that you and other family members start to attend Alanon meetings. It is critical for you to learn how to help him, and not be part of the problem.


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    My brother was a long-lived chronic alcoholic...he made it to 49. Women barely hit 35 usually. Nonetheless, it is an extremely slow and painful suicide. All that organ failure prior to dying...bummer.

    Whoever's alco sis' pain dr is giving them oxy...BAD PLAN imo. Narcotics don't work that well on neuropathy but they can be an alcoholic's bff. Oxy = a narc. It will take her to the bar or the bottle.

    Ask another dr. about neurontin or lyrica.

    All of you-Al Anon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zorrro13 View Post
    I'm a newbie here and this is my first post and I have a few questions. I have all the classic symptoms of Alcoholic Neuropathy. Early numbness of the soles followed by pins n needles and then the unbelievable burn. Although it started in the right foot the symptoms progressed to the left however the left foot has now only minor symptoms being a slight burn and slight tingling and minor numbness on tips of toes. If anything it seems to have reversed where as the right foot has gone Ballistic!!! I have never experienced this level of mind blowing Pain. again all the classic symptoms affecting my whole foot up to the ankle and absolutely no way to walk other than crutches and using my left leg for support. I'm not a diabetic and have self tested electronically at home to confirm .I am a 46 year old male and a heavy life long drinker but not any more! 3 days and not the slightest desire and besides this has scared the crap out of me.
    A few quesations

    1. Isn't this disease supposed to affect both feet?
    2. I live in Bangkok and go into hospital in a few days for tests. You don't need a script here you just go into the chemist and buy anything you want so I have been taking 600gm of neurontin for the last 3 days and it has done little for my pain but helps me fall asleep. What should I do with the dosage whilst I'm awaiting my hospital diagnosis?

    Thanks in advance

    I can't figure how how to maneuver here. How do I post? Is this how I answer? So I'm not sure if I can be of help because I'm a newbie also. I have had pins and needles in my feet for six weeks or so, following a long walk that made the ball of both feet hurt terribly all at once, like somebody hit a switch.
    I have no real pain anymore, just numbness and tingling, worse in my left leg and worse if I walk. often I feel nothing at all and it never bothers me at night. My left left is also weak sometimes
    I have had 3-4 shots of alcohol a night now for about 10 years and my doc thinks I have alcohol related neuropathy. I never thought of my self as an alcoholic but I guess I am considered a heavy drinker. Have seen a neurologist and having tests done. Any ideas out there. Oh, I have stopped drinking.
    thanks, Stillwater

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    I'm 19 years a T12 para, 30 years sober. I had polyneuropathy ~6 years before getting sober. I also road-raced cars successfully. One of the things I had to do to keep drinking was to fake my reflex tests for my racing physicals (because I had none). People that drink normally don't get alcohol related neuropathy. (people that are normal drinkers don't take 3+ shots of booze daily). My AA sponsor always used to say that to me in the begiining until my denial about my life-style and my disease began to collapse. I can't diagnose you; only you can. I CAN tell you that alcoholism is a disease and it is a disease that tells you you don't have it! It is always progressive; although your life may seem to have ups and downs, if you are an alcoholic, the vector will always be down. Life will inexorably decline. Trust me! If you are alcoholic, abstinence is the best gift you can give yourself! And, if you're like me, you will immediately notice a new clarity and good feeling after quitting, soon followed by the a sense that I can drink now, but this time I'll be more moderate and I'll be fine.
    I found that it was my disease talking to me; it took me ~a year of experimenting to realize that I had no power as far as booze was concerned, and that it was ALWAYS the first drink that got me drunk, even if the second one was a week later. If you are an alcoholic, the most loving thing you can do for yourself and all who love you, is to stay sober.
    For me not drinking wasn't enough-someone once said "the un-examined life is not worth living". How true that is, especially if you are lucky enough to be a recovering one!
    The community of AA has proved to be my second family-a family that in many ways is a safe nurturing environment that transcends my biological one. If you think you might belong, I implore you to try it on and see if it is comfortable. I drank because it worked for me until the downside far exceeded it's false benefits. I couldn't imagine life without drinking and I didn't trust people who didn't drink. Not drinking looked like a pretty sucky situation, and it would have been if I didn't discover a new way of being. I think most alcoholics never learned "the care of self 101"! Today I can honestly say I live an extraordinary life, even after paralysis. And I owe a large part of it to my recovery, most of which, although it started with not drinking, has little to do with that. Ironically though, that conversation (life) began and largely continues in AA meetings.
    If you might belong to this community, I urge you to handle it and make your recovery the foundation you construct a renewed and wonderful life upon.
    At 54 yoa and in a wheelchair, I passed my first physical without faking anything and had three fantastic years racing a car with hand-controls until I wrote it off big-time at Road Atlanta and broke 3 ribs. For the last ten years I've pursued more sedate hobbies.
    My point is that you are at a good place but if you are an alcoholic, recovery will assure that it continues to get better.
    If any of this makes sense to you, feel free to PM me where we can continue a conversation.
    I think what makes AA continue to work is the identification between fellow alcoholics and the magic that is generated in those conversations. Although I continue to be a devout atheist, I can assure you there is something magical and powerful in those rooms-something much greater than me!

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