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Thread: Alcoholic Neuropathy newbie

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    That's great that you are getting such an extensive work-up so quickly.

    Gout can be incredibly painful, so I suspect that the doctors will want to start you on medications for an acute gout flare as well. These will most likely be anti-inflammation medicines, and they may help you a lot for that pain. Perhaps the combination of gout medicines plus neurontin will be a great combo for you. Yes, alcohol can definitely make gout worse.

    That's really great to hear your liver tests are ok. You are very lucky.

    Don't forget to add the vitamins to your regimen. I think you are headed down a good road....

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    extensive and expensive $1200 u.s Absolute 5 star service in Bumingrad hospital Bangkok a bit like staying at the Hilton and having your tests done and Im hoping my insurance will cover some. The doc was very very quick to take me off neurontin and go to a lyrica 150gm and antidepressant combo. Boy did that work!! I particularly dont like pain however painless dribbling totally whacked is no fun either so halved the dose and all good so far. they drew out a cloudy yellow liquid from my knee which is gout but they sent it off to lab to check for infection so Im still waiting for results.

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    You don't EVEN want to know how much that would have cost in the U.S.!!!

    It's common to use a tricyclic anti-depressant in combination with either Neurontin or Lyrica. They both help calm the pain signals.

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    I was given this suppliment by the ENT. Can anyone advise me if the ingredients are beneficial for P/N. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorrro13
    I was given this suppliment by the ENT. Can anyone advise me if the ingredients are beneficial for P/N. Thanks
    Sorry I didn't notice your post earlier. I'm not familiar with it, but from what I can find it's a form of B-12. IIRC that can help with some forms of neuropathy, depending upon the cause. I'm not the best one to answer this question. Let us know how it worked for you.

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    Wow...i had never heard of alcoholic neuropathy until now. I was searching to try and find information about why I've been having this mild tingling sensation in my feet, legs, fingers, and now today, my face and lips. I have also been feeling like I need to get control of what has become an overly excessive consumption of alcohol on a nearly daily basis (although I manage to function quite well). After researching the symptoms of this disease further, I now realize I have other symptoms as well...aching legs, gastrointestinal issues, involuntary muscle twitches, and at times,twitching of the eyelids. I had no idea all these symptoms could be related...I just thought I've been under too much stress!

    Now I'm really scared that I've done permanent damage... I guess getting the crap scared out of you is definitely one way to get motivated to lay off the alcohol!

    I'm just wondering zorrro13, have you experienced any of the tingling in your face at all?? Does the intensity of the tingling and numbing seem to come and go or does it remain constant? Also, have your Doctors indicated if there are any ways to reverse the damage?


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    hi all of you, i also used to be an addict to alcohol and could not live without it! one fine day i got s severe pain in my liver and my wife took me to the doctor and said that my liver was 50% damage and told me if i do not stop drinking i might end up in the hospital or even may die, they prescribed me Antabuse drug, i am taking it for now because i really do not want to be in hospital nor die because my wife's pregnant and i want to see my baby!

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    That's really great that you guys are thinking of changing your life because of the effects that alcohol is having on your body. Yes, for many of us (you are definitely not alone....) it takes a "scare" to finally push you to change behavior. And it can be hard to change....

    But the really great thing is that by stopping drinking, often many many of the problems associated with it can improve.

    FLYGIRL, you should go see your doctor - time to have a good general check-up and some basic blood tests. Yes, some of your symptoms could be caused by alcohol, and alcohol can be associated with some other problems that can also give you symptoms. Like sometimes your "salt levels" (sodium) in your body can get too low when you drink or you get dehydrated and that can make you feel unwell in many ways. And often you can have vitamin deficiencies (if you get more calories from alcohol then from good food) that can also cause many of the symptoms you describe, which are a little nonspecific. Specifically, you should get your B12 level checked (especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan) and a thyroid test (thyroid abnormalities can also cause several of the symptoms you describe). It is not common with alcoholic neuropathy to have tingling on the face, so I think a basic overall check-up is a good idea. And stay away from the alcohol for now as well. Think about some other ways to decrease stress in your life! Friends, music, exercise, sleep....

    dev - congratulations on your upcoming baby. YOU CAN DO IT!

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    Thanks....I do have an appt. to see a Dr. We'll see what he says....

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    Hi, I am a newbie also :0)

    Quote Originally Posted by zorrro13 View Post
    I'm a newbie here and this is my first post and I have a few questions. I have all the classic symptoms of Alcoholic Neuropathy. Early numbness of the soles followed by pins n needles and then the unbelievable burn. Although it started in the right foot the symptoms progressed to the left however the left foot has now only minor symptoms being a slight burn and slight tingling and minor numbness on tips of toes. If anything it seems to have reversed where as the right foot has gone Ballistic!!! I have never experienced this level of mind blowing Pain. again all the classic symptoms affecting my whole foot up to the ankle and absolutely no way to walk other than crutches and using my left leg for support. I'm not a diabetic and have self tested electronically at home to confirm .I am a 46 year old male and a heavy life long drinker but not any more! 3 days and not the slightest desire and besides this has scared the crap out of me.
    A few quesations

    1. Isn't this disease supposed to affect both feet?
    2. I live in Bangkok and go into hospital in a few days for tests. You don't need a script here you just go into the chemist and buy anything you want so I have been taking 600gm of neurontin for the last 3 days and it has done little for my pain but helps me fall asleep. What should I do with the dosage whilst I'm awaiting my hospital diagnosis?

    Thanks in advance

    Firstly zorrro13;869333, im sorry to hear about what your going through. I have a similar story.

    I have been drinking 70-90 units per week for the last 11 years and in the last few months I have had stabbing pains in fingers, then they develope d into my feet. Now my left leg is numb and I get the prickles everywhere. I am shit scared also!

    I have stopped drinking as of 3 days ago although the neuropathy is still very present and slightly worse. I am pouring with sweat in the middle of night form withdrawal but its nothing compared to the pricks, numbness and burning. I am still awaiting test results but both my docs and my money is on alcohol induced neuropathy.

    I want to stay off drink for good. Another drop will be like another trap to fall into, I hope you do also buddy. I wish you all the well and will keep you posted on my progress

    And thank you to everyone in this forum, your all fantastic!

    All the best


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