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Thread: Bed Sore Healing

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    Bed Sore Healing

    Hi. I've never posted before, but was looking for answers for my mother-in-law and came across your site. My father-in-law developed bed sores while in the hospital after bypass complications. He's been home a couple of months and his sores are FINALLY shrinking. My mom is wondering that even though they're getting smaller and look really good, that there may still be a problem underneath. Is this possible?

    Thank You So Much,

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    Wound care clinic, it's the only thing that got rid of mine. The sores where there for almost 6 months. By sheer luck a visiting nurse steered me in the right direction. I owe her so much. Until she came along things weren't going well for me. Find a good reputible one. Bedsores are nothing to play around with.

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    Welcome kimmievan .... so glad you found us .... but I've moved your thread over to the Care forum where you will get more response to your question. Pressure sores are the bain of our existence in the sci world. There can be undermining underneath a sore absolutely ... the best idea is to be working with a wound care specialist to be sure ! I wish you all the best !

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    Thank You so much for your help!

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    Even when totally healed the healed area is about 80% as strong.


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