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Thread: Moving from Canada to Florida - Need Advise

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelchairTITAN
    You will be lucky to get a six month out of country insurance policy from a Canadian insurer which you must have because your provincial medical insurance only pays a percentage of what any procedure costs in the US.
    why lucky? What do all the old snowbirds do?

    I would love to move to the states but healthcare is for sure what keeps me here. I thought when I retire I will do the snowbird thing, but even then I am not sure if it is worth all the american BS

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    Shorty its called "pre exisitng condition" if those old snowbirds are healthy insurance isn't too bad, If you have a pre existing condition like a sci the rates for travel insurance shoot up through the roof.

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    Canuck is absolutely right. In fact, the word 'paralysis' excludes you right off the bat.
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    I've been able to get travel insurance for trips to states but all of them have been short vacation type trips, two weeks or less.

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    Maybe some countries in Europe have friendly medical system for you. Talk with guys from UK, Spain, Italy, France, German etc from this forum.

    Distances in Europe are not so big, and once your citizen on any UE country, in emergency case, you are treated and costs are payed by your assurance country system.
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    Thanks folks, for all your input.
    I was looking to move to that Tampa area. How is the job economy there ? People looking for work ?
    In Canada there are a lot of Philipino immigrants who come here specifically on a caregiver program and they have to work for 2 years, so a lot work as live-in caregivers. Anything similiar in the US ?
    You can hire competent ones for $2000/month.
    I'm still waiting for reply from a couple insurance co's.
    The housing market in Florida is in a huge slump. There is sooo much to choose from and at great prices.


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    Well, don't say you were'nt warned. I guess you really have already made up your mind and really did not want advice.


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    Nothing in my last post says anything about moving. If you read it, I simply stated where I would like to go.
    Without insurance I'll have to settle for winters in a warmer climate.
    We do have beautiful summers here. I guess what really attracts me besides weather is the real estate in Florida.
    Thanks again everyone.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SoFla
    You snowbirds have me thinking. If I wanted to go north for the summers, what sort of healthcare can I expect from Canada?
    Good question. Let's go further and ask the initial question only from a Floridian standpoint to a Canadian.

    If a disabled USA'ian wants to move to Canada, can we get all the free bennies?
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