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    I have a stoma on my abdomine. Sometimes with the flat skin barrier covering the stomo it leaks. Did anyone ever try putting crazy clue so that it sticks better?

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    What type of stoma? Colostomy? Urostomy? Ileostomy?

    What are you putting on your skin under the wafer?

    How soon does it leak after you apply the wafer?

    One piece or two piece system?

    Have you consulted with a good CWOCN about your leakage problems?

    I definitely would not recommend using Superglue or any other product not designed for putting on your skin. A good way to get skin tears and bad skin reactions or worse.


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    I'm not sure what type of stoma you have, but if its leaking often, you might want to go back to your ostomy nurse and see what to do about it. Sometimes, you may need to switch from flat skin barriers to convex barriers. This is what I had to do when my ileostomy started to leak. An ostomy belt also helps with this too (just make sure not to put it on too tightly, or it will cause a sore.)

    Also, don't use super glue to keep the barrier on longer, you'll wind up burning your skin. Have you tried SkinPrep wipes or spray? This stuff helps keep ostomy wafers on longer. Also, if you are using paste to fill in any gaps in the barrier, don't put too much on, or it will affect the wear time of the barrier. Depending on how far out your stoma is, you can also use skin barrier rings underneath the flat wafers. Eakin makes the best ones on the market.


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    The Hoister has videos and a wealth of information and I believe a hotline where you can talk to people who can help you step by step.. The paste is helpful.

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