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Thread: Quantum 6000 or 600 Rehab Power Wheelchair

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    error code #101

    i have the same chair and is doing the exact same thing! what was wrong with yours and what part was replaced to fix problem? thanks marcia.
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    I am having trouble with my Q600 tilt/recline also. I get error code #101 low battery and the thing shuts itself off and won't move when I have anything under 90% charge?? I didn't charge everynight and wonder if this was why but I don't go outdoors with my chair as I found it doesn't like to go in the grass and I live in a rural area no sidewalks for me.... I love the tilt/recline on my spine but as far as travel I am not happy. Most of the time the chair is parked in front of the tv or reading a book....anyone else have same problems??

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    I have a Quantum 6000z with Q logic. I like it. Haven't had any problem so far. The Qlogic is extra. It's a $1800 option. I don't know about other power chair but this one is fast. It maxes out at 6.3 mph.
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    I've had a 600 with tilt for about 4 1/2 years now. I chose it over the 6000 due to price and its smaller footprint. I use it 95% inside so the rougher ride outside is not a problem. It's mostly paved where I go anyway. This is definitely not a chair for going off road. I do have the Q-Logic controller and am happy with it. I have had a few minor problems, but my supplier is very good and dealt with them quickly. I tried it out before buying, so I knew what I was getting.

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    If you want info on Q-Logic problems, you might try posting on It's run by a Pride employee.

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    6 wheel chairs are USELESS OUTDOORS on anything other than streets and sidewalks.

    MES should be forced to pay for chairs that will actually function outdoors in a realistic manner. All of his videos are bullshit.

    Everything he has posted over at WC junkie is misleading.

    This Q600 is a $20,000 flat out rip-off.

    If I lived on a sidewalk it would be a fantastic chair. But get near anything unpaved and this POS will get stuck and leave you stranded.

    I need a chair built for real life. The Q600 - Q6000 aint it.

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    I agree with you^^^

    I got the q6000 because I live out in the woods and I needed a outdoor chair. The q6000 is not a outdoor chair.

    I have gotten stuck on flat carpet. It won't even climb the maybe 3/8” to get on my vans ramp, it just spins.

    Needing a programer to change everything and not being able to call tech support. The guys at the shop don't know how to do anything.

    I had a 600 as a lowner chair for 6 months and it was pretty good. It was a smaller chair and the computer was way simpler.

    I have a bill somewhere that breaks down why they charged $30,000 for it.
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    Hi everyone, well I'm waiting for my powerchair, i was wondering if anyone has the "Quantum 6000 or 600 Rehab Power Wheelchair?" wheather they are happy with it and what's the difference between these two?....and is the q-logic control's standard or extra...and the options, are included or extra? very confusing....!
    hellow I have a quantum 6000 and its the best chair I have ever had and I have had lots.q logic is an wont be disappointed with the 6000 if you have a choice take the goes 8.5 miles per hour and hase a long range with group 24 batteries. the 600 only goes 6 miles per hour .the 6000 is very and I mean very dependable. have had this chair for 4 years and only changed drive wheels.wouldent trade this chair for anything.i put it to the test every day.has never let me down. hope this helps you out.

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    I owned a Quantum Q6000. It was an absolute nightmare electronically. Ended up with several warranty replacements of the whole base because of failures. It was awful outside and I always thought an ugly chair. I couldn't wait to get a different chair. i got a Permobile 350 in December. So much better chair in every respect. Although Pride for the most part provided good service, I will never go back to them because of their unreliability. I was stranded so many times in the Q6000. I didn't abuse my chair either. My provider always said my chair was more well cared for then almost all his other clients.

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