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Thread: Skinny Dippers Threaten Millions of Gallons of Drinking Water

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    Skinny Dippers Threaten Millions of Gallons of Drinking Water

    Two people were caught Saturday around 3 a.m. skinny dipping in a reservoir that provides most of Portland's drinking water, authorities said.

    Portland Water Bureau officials said Ryan Langsdorf, 28, and Ashley Moyer, 23, were cited on trespassing charges after swimming in Mount Tabor Reservoir 6, reported television station KPTV in Portland.

    Officials said the accused skinny dippers were found in a part of the reservoir that had been offline. Had it been in use at the time, the Water Bureau would have been forced to shut off the reservoir and consider dumping millions of gallons of water.

    City officials took the same precaution earlier this year when a gallon of latex paint, a construction cone and hundreds of fliers were tossed in the reservoir.

    Water bureau administrator David Shaff called the skinny dipping a "foolish act" that threatened the cleanliness of Portland's drinking water. He also said the swimmers could have drowned because of extremely cold water temperatures and a difficult rescue situation.
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    lol Don't you know they had fun though.
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    I did have to laugh at the bit about threatening the cleanliness of the water .... I thought that was why we have purification plants for. Of course all the wild animals of course obey the "no swimming" signs!
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    Here is a bit of technology to overcome skinny dipping contaminanted drinking water...

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    what did they do , pee in the pool. thats just a crazy story.
    oh well

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