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Thread: Child's All Terrain Chair?

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    Child's All Terrain Chair?

    I have a daughter who is 10 years old and has t-12/L-1 level Spina Bifida. Right now she has a Quickie Ti wheelchair that is great for getting around at school and home, but when she goes to the beach or the mountains, forget it. She weighs about 70 lbs now and carrying her on the beach and trails is getting tough. My question is, Do you have any all terrain chairs you might recommend or would it be better to just get a second set of wheels and casters for her current chair? I looked at the Colors Fatso Wheels and casters and I think it might be cheaper to buy a second chair for her. She is very very strong so I dont think pushing her chair in soft granite or sand will be an issue. I just wanted to get some opinions or advice. Cost is an issue too as we are going to try and go through her insurance. We have both private and state LTC ins. Thanks for the help!

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    Hi skon12,

    Please take a look. I have been working on a lighter kids version that I think you and your daughter would really like.


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    I saw that yesterday and watched the video's. I think its a great idea. That would more than likely work for the front, but I have to have something for the rear wheels too. Her chair just sinks in the back. I'll deffinately be in touch. I am just kind of researching possibilities right now. Ultimately I am hopeing for a second chair. Thanks again.

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    I assume you have her regular back wheels on? I found just switching to knobby off road tires makes a BIG difference as well. I didn;t need to go to the fatso;s, although I still can;t manage soft sand. (and Pat's attachment is on my wish list ). Combine that with the above, and I would think you have an off road chair.

    Also look at how worn her regular tires are. I didn;t realize how bad mine were, and when I replaced tham this spring, (with the same tires - nothing special) that alone made a difference. Not enough for the beach or mountains, but I hadn;t realized how much more difficult I was making regular wheeling for myself.
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    Yeah she has her regular tires and wheels on. Thing is i realized her aster position is set back on the quickie ti so I think getting caster forks that accomodate a bigger front caster is out. She has already come close to dumping as it is. I think what I am looking at for her is the fatso wheels and the single front wheel attachment. Just cost wise I am at around $1800 for the wheel set up, where I can get a whole second chair, either the colors Tremor or the Invacare All Terrain for $2500. Seems like it would just be easier to have the second chair if ins. will pay. I also saw a chair made by Eagle Sportschairs, but can't find many reviews on them. They are pretty affordable though. Less than $2000.

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    That Eagle "Chopper" beach chair looks great. Has anybody used one of these?? 995 Dollars is a great price if you can self propel yourself in through soft sand.
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