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Thread: Words beginning with A to impress a professor with

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    Words beginning with A to impress a professor with

    ABECEDARIAN: beginner ("the experiments were carried out by an a.")
    ANAPODICTIC: undemonstrable ("since this theory is a. we omit its proof")
    ANNOTINOUS: a year old ("a. crystals were used")
    ANTILOGOUS: contrary; inconsistent ("this group's findings are a. to ours")
    APROSEXIA: inability to concentrate ("due to a., we had to use nanomolar solutions")
    ARROGATE: to claim unjustly ("the discovery of this phenomenon was a. by the group of X")
    ASANKA: 10^45 ("R-factors on the order of a. are bad news") [NOTE: do not confuse with ASSANKA = 1063!]
    AUTOPTIC: pertaining to evidence based on observation ("we have collected an a. body of evidence to support our theory")
    AZYGOUS: odd, unpaired ("radicals are characterised by an a. electron")

    These words are useful in common language as well because they define fairly common conditions for which there is currently no adequate English word. Condileeza Rice might be described as azygous. Bush arrogated to himself the sole power to decide what is torture. His administration spent an assanka of dollars in Iraq. Despite autoptic evidence to the contrary Cheney insisted pushing his anopodictic theory that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. Obama is an abecedarian despite the annotinous primary.


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    Acatamathesia: inability to understand data presented to the senses
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