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Thread: Sad Songs

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    Sad Songs

    Does anybody have a sad song they like? Either because it makes you cry or brings you comfort?

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    "The Dance " Garth Brooks sad tone but happy if you listen !

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    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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    My all-time favorite song:

    It's bittersweet to me; I love that my pain can be written so well into lyrics and sung so beautifully to melancholy music.

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    alicia keys "like you'll never see me again". lived this song last summer.
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    RR and OJ nailed it totally for me ......

    ....and I don't know why this song makes me cry .. I think its because it reminds me a: how much I miss John Lennon and b: how in spite of everyone else's feelings about Yoko he just loved her so much ....

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    November Rain by Guns N Roses

    - first love, post break-up song ..


    Empty Garden by Elton John

    - I know it's about Lennon, but it makes me think of my brother John and how he wanted the farm to himself all these years and now how he lives there alone with no contact with anyone
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    Like so many of the songs that stuck, the ones that really touched me, this is from the early 70's.

    Fire and Rain, by my sweet baby James Taylor.

    Sigh. Jesus I feel old sometimes. This one has been making me cry for 35 YEARS!

    And this one. maybe less well known, from the same era, by Sir Elton. I'm sure the lyrics are by Bernie Taupin, though, and boy are they powerful.

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    Wow, I forget how gorgeous Mick was before Time laid his destructive paws on him!

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