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Thread: 4 x 4 all terrain power wheelchairs

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    4 x 4 all terrain power wheelchairs

    Anyone out there have any experience with a 4 x 4 power chair for sand, snow, hills, grass, curbs, etc? There are a few models out there and I want to hear your thoughts.


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    I have had the Frontier X5 for two 1/2 years. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I weigh 235lbs, and it doesn't even blink at carrying me through mud, snow, grass, hills etc. It doesn't do as well as the X4 in deep sand, but the X5 is MUCH more agile.

    Oh yea, 2 1/2 years of hard, fun usage and not one problem! (knock wood)


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    All Terrain Power WCh

    Planning a permenent move from urban NE NJ to the Pocono Mtn. area of NE PA. Going to need a good all-terrain power chair. Like the X5 but
    wonder if I can get my Insurance Co/Medicare to cough up the bucks. I would be interested in how reliable the X5 or a similar WC has been to users out there. I'm not a vet, PIP car accident, my Doc will go along w.
    prescription but who knows w. medicare. Anyway, keep on truckin', Ciao.

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