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Thread: 11 yr old new para- funding/grants/resources??

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    11 yr old new para- funding/grants/resources??

    11 year old 7 months post SCI, Para. looking for intensive active PT program, need funding resources, grants, donations, etc. Don't know where or how to find resources. Really need to go experience but how and where? How does a 6th grader follow a program out of state? and for how long? $$$$$$??????

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    Where does this person live? There may be different options depending on location.

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    With no information at all in your profile, you are very unlikely to find people willing to help. Complete that, and you will get more responses.


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    Ahh, Yes! That would be a good idea! HMMM, to put info in profile......
    Thanks for the replies, and he is in NW Florida, Pensacola area.
    Where near here does Pediatrics locomat?
    Bioness braces?
    rt 300 bike?
    Yes, I would be looking for a equiped program near, and / or funding ideas for purchasing any such products that could be used at home.

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