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Thread: friends for my daughter

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    friends for my daughter

    Hi all I am looking for a way for my 11 year old daughter to connect with someone her age that has a spinal cord injury. Her level is c2. While we were on vacation she had a avm erupt on her spinal cord. This happened when she was 8. The avm didn't hurt her brain. She has come along way she has regained use off both of her arms and she has taught herself to write left handed. and she is a very happy child she just wants to talk to other kids this has happened to. We have started a new spinal cord therapy here in Overland Park Quest to walk they are the best.

    Thank you

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    Is there a children's hospital nearby that you could ask?

    We have a youth sports program for disabled kids that's run through the local rehab hospital. It's been a blessing.

    Try the school.

    Don't know that that's much help.
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    Check with the hot-line nurse at the National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCIA). They used to have a childhood SCI support program:


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