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Thread: Bladder sediment

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    Bladder sediment

    Hi all. New poster.

    I have a C-1 complete injury, and I've had a Foley catheter for about 15 years. For the last year or so I've had constant trouble with drainage. I drink a large amount of water (& broths to maintain sodium levels), as much as 6-8 litres a day, yet I'm still getting catheter blockages that cause autonomic dysreflexia and require immediate irrigation. I do not have any infections or stones, and I take Vesicare for bladder spasms. I have no idea why there is constantly sediment.

    Any experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    We don't really know why, but some people with indwelling catheters have lots of problems with catheter encrustation (not the same as sediment). The most effective treatment for this is daily Renacidin instillations (not irrigation). This requires a prescription. You slowly inject 20-30 cc. of the solution into the bladder through the catheter, using an irrigation syringe, and clamp the catheter for up to 20 minutes (some cannot tolerate quite that long as they start to get AD sooner). Let the solution just drain into your bag as usual. Talk with your urologist about this.

    You may need to have a cystoscopy first to be sure you don't also have a bladder stone or "sludge" that is making the situation worse.


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    Welcome to the board Scaper1!
    Good luck cleaning things up.
    When my catheter starts blocking up all the time
    I have surgery to remove the stones.

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    Hi, thanks. I have cystoscopies on a yearly basis, but they never find much and within a few weeks the problem recurrs. I asked my urologist about Renacidin and he wasn't keen. He never is. Are some catheter designs less irritating to the bladder than others?

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    Yes, you should avoid latex catheters. Catheter that are teflon or Silastic coated or pure silicone catheter are less likely to accumulate encrustations. Use of Renacidin is very accepted by urologists in the USA. Ask your urologist to tell you more about how he thinks the use of Renacidin would be worse for you than repeated catheter clogging. Did you also have ultrasounds or CTs of your entire urinary system (not just of your bladder) to rule out stones in those areas?


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    Oh yeah, definitely no latex. What I meant by design was something like this:

    I don't know if they actually made it to market, or if something similar is available?

    I have regular ultrasounds. Nada.

    We just can't figure it out.

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    Smile Thank you!!!!!

    I wanted to write and say a verrrrry heartfelt thanks to SCI Nurse and any others who introduced me to Renacidin, it has made life SO much better!! Thanks everyone for sharing on this site, it's so very helpful to get first-hand advice! God bless!!!

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    Once a month, yes. Even right after a change though the clogging persists. No infections, no stones, no explanation.

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    Hello Scaper1

    Just read your post. Within the last couple of months I started having the same problems, and it's driving me nuts!

    I'm a C4/C5 Quad with a suprapubic (20 years), and it keeps clogging up. I get AD and we have to irrigate, sometimes in the middle of the night.

    We have no solution yet and it is very disheartening.

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    What french size is your cath?

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