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Thread: Tale of young boys!

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    Thumbs up his phone number

    The Dr gave it to me some years ago. However, they keep moving and the number had been disconnected. At that time I did not know about his many troubles. Since I do know know when he was injured it will be hard to find it in the newspaper. we live in different states and they keep moving, so it will be hard to track them down. The Dr. may not even know where they live now? I will try to stick with it for awhile.

    Thanks for your advice.

    Jake's Pop

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    why after all these years...are you now so concerned? I don't get it? A simple phone call years ago...would have saved this young man...and why do you still have the same agency and case manager that don't seem to know what they are doing...and this young man's mother is a nurse? I'm so sorry to sound so critical but these sounds like bs to me...yeah, I cry sometimes too...friggen sci

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