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Thread: Which probiotics?

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    Which probiotics?

    Regarding my previous thread on my bowel problems, probiotics were recommended.

    It seems there are several probiotics, is there a recommended one for the bowel?

    I am dealing with an out of control bowel..going from constipation to no control and frequent accidents and need for several bowel programs daily. I am trying to re-establish my program, and get back to a morning once a day bowel care.

    Thank you for your comments and help.

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    Welcome to CC Stormin
    The only probiotic I take is acidolphius.
    The live probiotic found in yogurt.
    I take it in a capsule though.
    I'm scared of taking a capsule with a bunch of bacteria.
    Even if they say they're all good.
    Not until I study each one and assure myself everyone is good.
    They're live bacteria that will be growing in your intestine.
    My bp is every other morning and very regular.
    I control the consistency of my bm with magnesium, fiber, and flax.
    To keep from being constipated I take 250 mg of magnesium 3 times a day with each meal.
    It needs to be with the meal.
    Taken without a meal causes loose stool in between hard stool.
    I eat good fiber whole grain cereal for breakfast with flax.
    I eat good fiber raw veggies & fruits through out the day.
    I stay away from white: sugar, white floor, white noodles, white rice, etc.
    Eat array of colors in your fruit & veggies. 3 servings of veggies & fruit a day.
    It's more what you eat.

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    Yo plus yogurt

    My husband (C6-7, 57 yrs old, 30 yrs post) eats a high fiber diet, very little meat, and for probiotics, he has a Yo-plus yogurt smoothie with lots of fruit for breakfast every morning, and a yo-plus yogurt every day for lunch, usually with granola. His bowel program is every other day. The night before, he takes about 1/3 cup lactulose solution, and then in the morning, a magic bullet. He rarely rarely has any problems with constipation.

    Good luck.

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