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Thread: Leaking Stoma - New hole?

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    Question Leaking Stoma - New hole?

    I saw my urologist yesterday. I tried to do Urodynamics.
    But the saline kept leaking around the hole when they barely had 30 cc's in my bladder.
    It wasn't even spasming.
    Half the time I get out of my chair my bottom is wet.
    They thought it might be caused by spasms.
    Not! The stoma is stretched.
    I noticed this started after my surgery for stones last year.
    I guess the other Doc stretched the hole bigger during surgery.
    My urologist Dr. Lamack I have now is great!
    He said it wouldn't do any good to start using a larger catheter.
    It would be a never ending story. Larger & larger catheter.
    He's going to sew this stoma up and make a new hole a little over.
    Has anyone done this?

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    Why did you have urodynamics? There is not much point in doing this for someone with an indwelling catheter who plans to continue with that bladder management method. Your bladder is probably the size of a walnut at this point, so if your stoma (hole) is incompetent, it would be safer for it to leak than to back up into your kidneys.

    A stoma revision sounds like it is called for, but you need to keep your catheter unclogged to assure that you are not leaking and that it does not reflux up your ureters.


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    Thanks KLD I'm really confused now.
    I understood through posting here & my urologist I should have Urodynamics.
    That's why I did it.
    Like you said, my catheter used to stop up with stones
    & I'd get bad AD & have to rush & change my catheter.
    That wasn't good.
    Neither is my situation now leaking & sitting wet all day.
    The nurse that was doing my test said my catheter wasn't stopped up,
    it just leaks when I have over 30 cc's in my bladder.
    I really don't understand that. I'm confused.

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