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Thread: Shrinking legs!

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    If it did not work because you were still in spinal shock, and have since recovered reflex activity in the lower motor neurons in question, it might be worth another try. If you have permanent lower motor neuron damage with death of the cell nucleus and axon, and no ability to have reflex activity, it is unlikely without such high energy that tissue damage is very possible.


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    Quote Originally Posted by smiller View Post
    At the risk of sounding vain...
    I'm a complete T8 para. I'm almost a year from my accident, and just noticed that my legs are really starting to shrink. Is there anything that can be done to help keep them from atrophying? Standing in a standing frame? Some sort of leg stimulator bike? Anything?
    I have an FES Bike and was going to an intense therapy place called Project Walk. Going to therapy where they stretched my legs and all the work they did with them during my workout AND riding my FES Bike really made a difference on my legs. I mostly noticed when I went to Alaska for about 3 months and didn't have my bike OR therapy. When I was there I noticed a shrinking in my legs,and so did my boyfriend. Once I got back I was right back on my bike. I now have noticed them getting better in shape.
    Having a bike or some kind of therapy can really make a difference on your body and your legs. I am a T5-6 level, and even noticed it in my abs. I HATED my abs because I have no tummy muscles which gave me the famous PARABELLY but with working out and riding my bike, it totally made a difference...thank god!
    The FES Bike is not cheap, but just keeping your body going and legs working out from you or someone as a trainer, it will really make a difference.
    Good Luck!
    God is good

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    oxandrolone for the win
    Just say know?
    Sometimes things you will do to overcome your adversity are socially unexceptable,get over it.

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