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Thread: Worlds largest environmental disaster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike C
    I´d say the garbage patch in the pacific is the biggest.
    SHould be easy to clean up if it's all in one spot right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcripeq
    Adrian, we just dont agree on man causing global warming. Heck I am beginning to even question global warming.
    You're beginning to? haha Tell me another one.

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    How about the depletion of the Ozone layers over the Arctic and Antarctica. They are huge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XYNaPSE
    SHould be easy to clean up if it's all in one spot right?

    Some of the estimates I've seen put it at 'twice the area of Texas'. Not so easy to clean.....

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    Its sprawl may cover an area as much as one and a half times? the size of the United States, Moore says, and to a depth of 100 feet, if not deeper
    It seems to be much bigger than Texas.
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    Well, I dont think many believe in global warming anymore....

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