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    Why isn't there an organization like AARP for the disabled?

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    What do you have in mind? Here are just a few:

    National MS Society?
    National Spinal Cord Injury Association?
    Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation?
    Paralyzed Veterans of America?
    Able-Disabled Advocacy?
    American Association of People with Disabilities:
    Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund:

    Here are some more:


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    Not to sound cheap or anything, but I meant more about the discounts and such.

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    I am an AARP member, but I find that the AAA discounts (at least for travel) are usually the same as AARP's.


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    When I turned 50, just a few short years ago, I joined AARP to get a discount on my att/cingular cell phone bill. They offered a 20% monthly discount off my cell phone bill and the yearly aarp membership fee was only $12.00. Well worth it for me.

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