My Mom has been my caretaker since I was discharged from a nursing/rehab facility I recovered from surgery at. At first, it was okay, but lately, she has been getting on my nerves.
She is constantly telling me how I should organize my apartment, what to wear to work, how I should do my hair, ect. I've tried telling her that she doesn't pay the rent or the bills, so why should she care what my apartment looks like and that I'll wear any scrubs I want to work, but she then just get's pissed at me and says not to talk to her like that. Dang, she's treating me like a 5 year old rather than a 26 year old. Its like I'm living at home again

Because of the rules of my insurance and stuff like that, it would take forever to get another caretaker, so how do I get Mom to back off and not treat me like a little kid?