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Thread: trunk-mounted bike racks for a chair?

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    trunk-mounted bike racks for a chair?

    so I just returned from a 1000+ mile road trip. we took my girlfriend's sedan, as it gets 3x the fuel economy as my jeep. what a pain dealing w/ the chair though. maybe i'm used to the convenience of not breaking it down several times per day, but it got old reallllllly quickly.

    has anyone used a trunk-mounted bike rack successfully? yes, obviously I'd need someone else to load it (wouldn't've been a problem this past week), but I could care less about my chair being exposed to the weather if it wasn't an everyday thing. as long as I removed the cushion, it should be fine... fold back down, hang chair by the axle tube. leave wheels attached.


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    All the cabs in town have bicycle racks. They are often called to take bicyclists home if the wind is blowing against them. When I'm with a crowd, the chair winds up on the bicycle rack. Some cab drivers mount it well and easily. Others struggle to get it on badly. The rides are always short distances. Long story short, my A-4 rigid manual rides well when mounted properly. We have forgotten to remove the cushion on several occasions. Remarkably, it never fell off.
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    nice, thanks...

    I have a [AB] buddy in town who owns a rack like the one pictured above (Thule). I'll try and get some photos w/ it sometime in the near future. I'm not sure about it yet, but I'm curious.

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    well dang I gave mine away, never thought of that.
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    we have a couple that plays basketball with us that uses the bike rack on the back of a jeep wrangler works great for him

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    I've used my thule to carry my huge obnoxious Invacare Mariner shower chair in my early days. That left plenty of cargo room on the inside.


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    I traveled with a friend who is a para and I'm a C-6,7 quad in my Honda Prelude with a rack on back. I would get in the driver's seat, my friend would load my Kuschall chair on the rack then get in the passenger seat and load his chair into the backseat. One time my chair slipped down so the wheels hit the freeway east of Portland and I finally saw it in the rear view mirror still attached to the rack but the the wheels were doing 60+ and buzzed a bit of car paint off of the bumper cover. I pulled over and he reloaded it but people must have wondered what that wheelchair guy was doing on the shoulder of the freeway. Hurray for high speed sealed bearings!

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