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    Shower bath mat

    Hi there - I have a question about a shower bath mat. My boyfriend and I are moving in together in September and he has a spinal cord injury. Our bathroom has a tub that he transfers to, but water still leaks out and gets the floor very wet. Does anyone know of a bath mat or device that can be used outside of the shower to prevent this from happening? He puts the curtain under his leg to try and avoid this, but somehow water still ends up everywhere! Any ideas, devices or home-made contraptions that have worked??? Thanks!

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    Does he use a transfer bench seat? If he does and it is the type with the 3 pads that run lengthways with the tub then get a heavy plastic commercial type shower curtain then put a few slits in it so it will fit between the last pad that sticks out of the tub then slide the curtain down in between the pad insidde the tub , it sounds like a lot of trouble but after doing it a few times it gets pretty quick routine..

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    Thanks ... I will try this for sure!

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