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Thread: Outdoor Ampitheatre Concerts-anyone been in a chair?

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    Outdoor Ampitheatre Concerts-anyone been in a chair?

    Specifically the OK City Zoo Ampitheatre.

    I can't find any info on where I'm supposed to sit. Tickets. com says "Anywhere" but I think it is one of those outdoor venue with the giant hill for lawn seating. Can't figure out how to manage that.

    Anyone been to a concert there, or someplace with that design, in a chair? I'm scared to buy the tickets.

    I used to go to the Woodlands in Houston. Great venue. Woulda been screwed in a chair, I think!

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    I've been to a lot of these in my area, and all I do is to try to get there a bit earlier so that I can stake out my piece of grass and the folks sitting behind me can arrange themselves so that I am not blocking their view. I have never had a problem with this, but could picture it being an issue if I was to arrive after everyone else was certain they had an unobstructed view and then I roll in to block them. There are usually enough folks who bring folding lawn chairs and such that I am not the only elevated blip on the landscape. Enjoy!!

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    Did you find this seating chart (not that it helps any)?

    Given the lack of information on their website, I'd call and ask for a box office manager and have them go through it in detail, or even visit during the day to scope it out if you can. Google Street View doesn't seem to help either.

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    I go to an out door facility in Indianapolis. (Verizon Music Center) I have always bought wheelchair seating for myself and two walking companions through Ticketmaster. That way I have reserved seats and just roll up on the concrete to my space.
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    That is what is weird...there is no w/chair seating! I think I'll risk it. Thanks for the posts, yall gave me courage. I've been wanting to see the B-52's for decades, and have been nervous of this ampitheatre for 5 years. Time to find out what's up!

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    Just got my Toby/Montgomery Gentry tix this morning for our outdoor amphitheater.. Looking at the layout and everything listed as ''general admission'' is confusing. Ticketmaster may be in charge of reserved seating and therefore, as you know, have the designated HC areas. Not sure why there aren't marked spots already on the map. I hope they don't tell you the lawn is all you have to choose, unless you're fine that far back. Eileen is right, you'll need to get there real early to get a good spot.

    You need to get tix for that Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick show in July..

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    You know, I've seen all 3 of those bands, back in the day! We had to ride our ponies, didn't have internal combustion engines back then...

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    in outdoor theaters here, i am seated in reserved. specifically, at chateau ste. michelle winery, i can buy the cheap grass tix and they still put me in reserved concrete up front. at the gorge, i get reserved.

    in ca, there was always reserved, even in early 90's for w/c's.

    i go to many, many concerts. never been put in the grass.

    btw, ticketmaster is clueless. talk to the venue.

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    Our Ford Ampitheater in Tampa has a h/c section about 20 rows back. Pretty good "seats" actually. Didn't even come in contact with the grass hill behind the seats, you enter from ground level, which is leve with the 20th row h/c section.
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