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    I really don't understand what makes one caster better than another.
    I know smaller casters catch on more things and heard soft rolls ride better.

    Can I get some input on what is best?
    They will go on a Tilite ZRA.
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    To me, the softrolls give a much more pleasurable ride without the annoying click clack on many surfaces. Very much worth the extra $. Don't go too small with your wheels as you increase your chances of a face plant on uneven surfaces. I would recommend 4 or 5" wheels. If you go on the grass a lot 5" would be better than 4.

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    I used the roller blade type casters for a while until I hit a palm nut in the road it stopped me cold and threw me out of the chair and I broke my leg from the fall. so as soon as I got out of my brace for the broken leg I put on 5" x 1" softer compound casters, there are a few times that you will still get stopped short but the bigger and wider front caster will go over most without just stopping dead.. the roller blade tires might be great for the basketball court or something but everyday rolling they can leave you laying in the road before you know it...
    Just my opinion..

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    I have found that soft roll casters are good if you want a little shock absorption when wheeling on rough surfaces. In the fall/winter months, I use lighted casters, so drivers can see me better in the dark. I have FrogLegs 5" casters on my chair right now.
    Just remember, if you get smaller casters that the front of your chair will lower and it can sometimes make it hard to push easily.


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    Thank you all. I will look into 4 or 5" soft rolls.
    When I get to actually ordering I'll probably ask more specific questions here.

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    Just to be clear. Will the NON-Frog legs 1 inch wide soft roll casters fit on a ZR fork? I just endoed in my back yard with 4 inch light up wheels and looking for a quick fix. I tried frog legs forks land didn't like them.
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    I like the soft rolls too, but be prepared to replace them more often than the hard ones. Worth it imo.

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