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Thread: Paralyzed pro wrestler now relies on inner strength

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    Paralyzed pro wrestler now relies on inner strength

    Paralyzed pro wrestler now relies on inner strength
    Lex Luger lives across from Shepherd Center, encourages other patients

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 06/17/08 Lex Luger was "The Total Package," a buff 6-foot-4, 270-lb. professional wrestler who made $5 million a year while helping to fill arenas throughout the world.
    These days, he can barely walk, tips the scales around 185 lbs. and lives in a one-bedroom apartment across the street from the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, where's he undergoing therapy.
    Joey Ivansco/AJC
    Lex Luger (right) visits Steve Collins in his room at the Shepherd Center. Collins, 23, suffered a spinal cord injury from a jeep accident.

    Joey Ivansco/AJC
    Luger, a former pro wrestler known as 'The Total Package, ' is now in rehab at the Shepherd Center to regain use of his limbs -- unable to even lift a 1-pound barbell -- after a spinal injury last fall that paralyzed him.

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    A severe spinal injury from 30 years of football and wrestling struck down Luger while on a cross-country flight last fall. He spent two weeks in intensive care at Stanford University Hospital in California before transferring to Shepherd in November. He's also still hobbled by double hip replacement surgery in February.

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    I've had that AJC article sitting on my desk for 2 days now. Was going to find it for Geno but haven't had time today. I actually was at Shepherd one day like after Christmas and heard he was there. Went where he was at and met him and he told me what had happened. The Dr. said all those years of football and pro wrestling took its toll. I'm glad to have read that he's doing much better. He seems like a nice guy.

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