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Thread: Looking for R,S,T&H in Tampa Bay area

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    Looking for R,S,T&H in Tampa Bay area

    I have been in a chair for two years now and I was very active in sports prior to my SCI and I'm looking to find out what out there to do? I've seen people playing rugby and that looked like a lot of fun does anyone have any ideals?
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    Hey Sarge, have you tried calling the VA Hospital in Tampa and ask for the Rec Therapist? Tampa's VA, for those who don't know, has a SCI Specialty Center.

    Under the Wounded Warrior Project, actually looks more like the fringe, is Blaze Clubs appear more child oriented but you might try horseback riding. One of these days I'm going to try it. Supposed to be great for core muscles and balance. While an older article for able bodied students versus wheelchair basketball players I think there is a link in there somewhere.

    Hate to see another person join CC but glad you found us.

    I'm a cold war vet but we have vets from all the services and I think one going back to WW2. Glad you made it back.

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    We have a rugby team in tampa but rugbys only for quads. We do let other people play with us during the summer though. There is also a basketball and softball team in tampa also.
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