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Thread: Caregiver, Personal Care Attendant, PCA etc.

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    I just say "attendant" I guess short for pca

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    I have heard sitter, but I don't care fot it. I guess I feel it implies helplessness. I suppose it is ok when the person is as much a companion as an assistant, or for someone who can;t be left alone at all, but it seems demeaning to me when used for an adult.
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    We would only use the term "sitter" for someone who needs supervision for safety such as an Alzheimer's patient, someone with delirium, or someone with a significant TBI. A sitter rarely provides direct personal care.


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    I do that also, when I say caregiver or CNA gives me that feeling that I'm more disabled than I am

    Quote Originally Posted by Mona~on~wheels
    I just say "attendant" I guess short for pca

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