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Thread: 12 hour flight: what if...

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    Hi Mimin, it is funny that you post that question because that is exactly what happened to me a few days ago. I flew London-Madrid-South America. A long trip that by chance became a 48 hours door to door one.

    I was prepared in everyway, but the plane could not land in our final destination because of bad weather, and we were sent to another city where we waited for an additional 7 hours!! Luckily I had extra medication in my bag (take extra doses of everything with you, just in case) but my period started in the plane. There was no pharmacy in the part of the airport were we were waiting . I was about to start crying when I found a tampoon that had been left in my backpack one time that I went swimming!! Could not believe my luck. From now on Im carrying one when I travel.

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    Well, I'm sure if you ask other women around, someone's bound to have a tampon... problem is, I need to be lying down for someone to insert it (sorry if this is disgusting the guys reading this).

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    On the same vein (TMI) it will be a sorry issue if you don;t notice for s few hours. I personally can;t tell right away anymore. The signs are subtle (spasms increase, and back pain, but they can mean lots of things.)

    If you aren;t 100% sure you are in the clear (ie, it just finished!) I would wear a pad just in case. I sometimes wear a tampon just in case when I suspect it will start, but a 12 hour flight, plus layovers, that is too long. Considering you are worrying about all the implications, maybe something like poise panties? They aren;t plasticy like a lot of the "adult undergarments"
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    Diva Cup

    I have heard that wearing a tampon is not good for you if you don't have your period. I purchased the "Diva Cup" in the past year and use it for the "what if" times in my life.

    I also like it for light days.


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    I'd agree with the Poise Pad or overnight longer heavy pad and wear a pair of undies that have seen better days. Those and dark pants should handle small accidents of any kind. I tend to take an imodium about 12 hours before we leave for the airport. Stay away from most fruits or juices with pulp. The pasta meal is normally a safe bet on board. If you sit on your wheelchair seat ask about something to rest your feet on. Most economy sections no longer have the steel bar for your feet. And aspirin is good for arterial blood flow but not vein flow.

    Do your BP two days in a row as suggested and you should be fine. Obviously don't eat borderline items before flying like greasy food, sushi, etc. If your body is used to sitting up for 12 or more hours a day your system should react like normally.

    And when they pass out those customs cards on the jet read them. Then either declare everything or leave it on the plane. I almost got caught "smuggling" trail mix into Chile. Who would think by seeds and nuts they included processed ones. I think Canada and the USA agree you should not bring in meats, produce and live plants.

    Oh yea, should you feel impending doom about to hit while in an airport head for your airline's club area. They're meant for frequent flyers and first class types but they are pretty good for embarassing emergencies. I always carry an old pair of baggy jeans and individual packs of wet ones in my backpack.

    Don't worry so much. Does horrid stuff to your stomach.
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    I just got back from my first 12 hour plan ride and get first class if you can its well worth the money for the comfort and to be able to lay down and raise your legs. That takes care of dvt and pressure sores to a degree. sit on your butt pad and get a foley with a 600ml leg bag at least. take all your meds, cath bags, and toilet items with you incase they lose your luggage your not out all your supplies. you might even take a few extra 32 oz empty gatoraide bottles to empty into. and as for the bowels i just made sure i went the night before and did no special diet i just stayed away from coffee wich i dont drink any way but can get things going. you can also take your pain meds that helps to constipate you and lessens the chance of an accident. But number one is trust me take first class im a t8 and had a very hard time even sitting up straight in business first and i have wide shoulders so leaning to one side the whole time killed my back. and in first if your big or the person next to you is big it doesnt matter you have all the room you need.Also if you do your bp two days in a row your body gets thrown off a little and it might tend to think your gonna do it again sooner than you plan.
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    I'm a C-5, and just took a trip to Korea from San Francisco. 12 hours going, nine hours back (going there had a big headwind).

    Bowel routine that morning, coincidentally -- it was my normal day. Travel catheters before getting on the plane and twice on the plane (using blankets for cover).

    I had normal meals. I did have less fluid than normal, though. And the stewardesses helped with both of those.

    Sorry, "flight attendants."

    Try to preselect your seat: is great for that. You pick your airline, then the flight number, and a picture of the seating in the plane is shown. Then you talk to your airline to get the seats you want. Remember that you want in the aisle seat, and that the airline & Airport both know that you're in a wheelchair...

    Business class or first class is best. Like soonerborn said, you can lie down some and raise your legs some.
    4/6/97, car accident, C5.

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    use an attends padded with 2 heavy period pads. insert a foley and use leg bag. flight attendent even emptied mine into coke cans once.

    if really worried about bowels, use some pepto.

    don't worry. they are more used to this than 20 yrs ago when i started flying! good luck! and look for the senior steward...the young ones can get rattled. inform the senior steward as soon as you're onbrd of the situation. this can be done very discreetly and saves probs later on, esp. if long flight, like mine to aussieland.

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