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Thread: New chair questions

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    New chair questions

    Trying to get A new ridgid chair. Drive a van so loading is not an issue. I am a c5-c6 quad with pretty good trunk stability and I'm 6'4". Currently use a Quickie 2hp 16x18 with 60 degree front end. A stimulite contour cushion 24" wheels. Trying to get a Tilite ZRa approved thru ins. My question is when the dme measured me we didn't really agree on seat depth. when i sit all the way back in current chair the back of my legs just touch the cushion at the bottom of it. The measurements I want is 16x17 with 80 degree front end he says16x18 with 80degree front end. Won't my legs rub more if I stay with 16x18. If I get 16x17 what about cushion they don't make a 16x17 and I think 16x16 is too short. I probably have everybody completely confused but need help before the chair is ordered.


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    They can make a cushion of 16x17. My cushion is 17x18, which also does not follow the typical cushion sizes, but they will make that cushion if you order it.

    If you feel more comfortable with a 17 inch length cushion...then by all means go for it. are the one that is in the chair...not the DME.
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    Yup, Supracor can custom cut them. I use a 17Wx16D Stimulite Classic XS. Your DME is a DEALER... he should know this. *sigh*

    Order what you want. You're the one sitting in the chair all day. If need be, find a different DME.

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    Go 16x17 with an 80 degree front end.

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    16x17 with 80 degree front end was what I told him just was not sure about the cushion now I'm positive. Would go with different DME but there are not many choices that I know of in my area and he's probbly as good as any other from what I hear and will listen if I suggest but strongly voices his opinion. Thanks for the replies, If I have more questins before this is done I'll be back and let you knowhow it goes with pics when done.

    Thanks again.

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    yup im 6'2 and run 16wx17d. also run a stimulute xs , they custom cut no problem. shorter is better. remember w/ shorter frt end your feet will be back under u so u need shorter depth.

    take control, the dme is just a paper pushing moron, treat him like that rep
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