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Thread: Jay 2 Deep Contour

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    Jay 2 Deep Contour

    Has anyone used this style of cushion? I recently won this type of cushion on Ebay, because I wanted a Jay cushion that had the gel all the way across the cushion (not just in the back).

    Is this cushion just as good as a Roho at reducing pressure sores? Right now, I am currently using a Roho Quadtro Select cushion and find it uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time.


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    The Deep Contour has a larger fluid reservoir than a J2, but the fluid is still only located in the back half of the cushion. There is a soft foam layer encased in the fluid pad which covers the front half of the cushion, so it is more comfortable. In most cases, it will not provide quite the degree of pressure relief as a Roho, but may be a better cushion for people who have a significant pelvic obliquity and/or exceptionally bony ischium. It is a thicker cushion than either a High Profile Roho or J2 and is on the heavier side.

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    I use a Jay Deep Contour cushion, and for me it has been the best cushion I have ever owned. I did not like Roho as it made me feel less stable and made transfers almost impossible, to say nothing of feeling like I was sitting in a swamp all day. The Jay Deep contour has kept pressure problems away, is firm enough to throw the transfer board on without wobbling, and is a bit better in the hot and humid bottom department.

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    I use a Deep Contour also. The fluid area is pretty large compared to other Jay cushions. The shorter the depth the less amount of foam under your legs. I hate the hassle of dealing with Roho cushions on many levels. I have had zero skin problems since I have been using the Deep Contour. The "air exchange" cover available for it is also a big help in keeping your underside cool.
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    Thanks for the replies!
    I too have found that the Roho cushions are wobbly when using a transfer board. I got annoyed of this a lot when I was recovering from surgery and the nursing home had me use a transfer board often. Its like they make you sink just as you are trying to balance yourself to get in/out of your chair.
    Because I can still feel my bottom (I am only paralized from the mid-thigh down and have HSP), a Roho cushion is too uncomfortable to sit on, no matter how often its adjusted (that's why I like the Jay cushions: they are way more comfortable for people with feeling in their butt).


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    hello, i`m a c6-7 comp. (no feelin). i have presure sore history before and lost bone on that area and no much trunk.
    i dont know if order jay or roho.
    what u recomend.?

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