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Thread: What kind of backs do you use?

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    What kind of backs do you use?

    I recently developed back pains n i cant sit in my chair for long because of this. i think its cos my back rest isnt giving me enuff support. im a c6 quad with fairly good trunk balance.
    im thinking of getting a invacare back or maybe a jay back,
    what kind of backs do you guys use? any recommendations?

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    jay back. been using one for yrs. good support.

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    jay 2 , it has like wings on it. i always check to make sure i'm str8. sucks to do stuff though , it digs into your sides alot. i'm good for maybe 5 or 6 hours and the pain starts to kick in and have to lay down. never had any pain till they put the rods in.
    oh well

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    I've been using a jay active for years, but have a jay 3 on order right now. It has many different options for height and curvature, but the big seller for me was the mounting hardware. We'll see how I like it in a week or two!


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    Switched to a Jet Stream Pro - high back. Love it

    Shawn (

    Remember - Dare to Dream

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    Is it for a power chair or manual chair?
    I have a Varilite tall with laterals on my power chair and an Invacare Infinity with laterals on my manual.
    I like them both because they give me good support and balance without being huge and in the way.
    I find the air filled Varilite the most comfortable.

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    Jay Focus Point on my power chair seating system. I've had a Jay 2 Deep Contour and a custom-made one, and both of them were OK. But, the Focus Point is by far the best wheelchair back I've ever used. I have severe scoliosis, and this back is very supportive compared to my two previous ones. The middle part is curved like the Deep Contour back, and is made up of air more than foam, so it makes you feel comfortable when sitting. It has HUGE lateral supports that can be adjusted in/out, up/down to fit your specific seating needs. I'm very skinny, so the wheelchair seating guy had to move the lateral supports all the way in. It can also recline to a 45 degree angle. I have the tall version, and I love it. I can sit for any length of time in my power chair, and feel comfortable.


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    I use a Jay 2 back with the gel strip down the middle of it for a comfortable cushion for my spine. This is the only wheelchair-style back I have used since I started using a wheelchair. I especially like this one because it is very comfortable and lightweight.
    I have also used those inexpensive lumbar cushions, but they are not as comfortable.


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    Thanks for all the replys!
    sounds like many of you use jay backs hmmm...
    hope i can get to demo one
    oh forgot to mention i roll in a manual chair
    Thanks again for the recommendations

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    On my manual ti-lite Zr I use a varilte Talon, just switched from a Matrix PB back which was great as well just didn't need the stability anymore.

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