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Thread: Marijuana for pain relief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adi chicago View Post
    I never smoked pot
    Maybe it's time for a toke...
    "Let your food be your medicine" - Hippocrates

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    Quote Originally Posted by I Care View Post
    |"It may take a year or two, but the federal war on medical marijuana is dead. Finished. Over," MPP executive director Rob Kampia said in a statement.
    I won't be holding my breath but that would be great, I'm so tired of paying outrageous prices for beat bags, that is when it's around.
    C5/C6 complete

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    Inhaled Cannabis Reduces Central And Peripheral Neuropathic Pain, Study Says

    May 8, 2008 - Davis, CA, USA

    Davis, CA: Cannabis significantly reduces neuropathic pain compared to placebo and is well tolerated by patients with chronic pain conditions, according to clinical trial data to be published in The Journal of Pain.

    Investigators at the University of California at Davis, in conjunction with the University of California Center for Medical Cannabis Research (CMCR), assessed the efficacy of inhaled cannabis on pain intensity among 38 patients with central and/or peripheral neuropathic pain in a randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover trial. Researchers reported that smoking low-grade (3.5 percent THC) and mid-grade (7 percent THC) cannabis equally reduced patients’ perception of spontaneous pain.

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    7% is all they threw out there? Doesn't the government have anything higher than that? I can't imagine smoking something that potent but i'd love to see someone high on it.

    I'll stick to my swag, which I've become tired of chasing around like a hot piece of ass I cant reach so I've cut my smoking back to the days its needed.
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    Don`t forget the rain dance while smoking weed.Haha.
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    reefer for pain

    problem is for some of us we are under Pain management contract and if we flunk a pee test for having ANY illegal substances in our system we are kicked out of the practice. no more medications !!!!!! ALthough if i KNOW I won't be peeing any time soon i will toke a bit and it does WONDERS for my spasms and my insomnia from taking opiate pain meds

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    Does anyone currently have any experience with Sativex? Marinol is available in my state but I hear that it is only good for relieving nausea. Does anyone here have experience with the cooperatives and certain strains that reduce neuropathic/spasticity without feeling too "dopey"?

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    I was drinking medicinal root beer 2 days ago.

    best tasting damn root beer ive ever had.

    very mild high tho. but it lasted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino View Post

    Don't Marlboros increase your pain?

    Weed tends to reduce spasm and I sleep well but normal cigarettes set off a burning throughout my legs and feet.
    whats strange, is that in the morning. i smoke a cig and it relaxes my spasms before the medicine kick in (im sure mornings are bad for us all).

    but if I smoke during the day, after meds, they get really cold and if I walk, my legs bounce like crazy. wierd.

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    The interesting point about cannibas is the various strains that could be available. Being on opioids for over 10 years, in my state, Florida, there is no other alternative. You smoke pot, you are shown the door at the pain clinic. For breakout pain, the options are now limited and usually it is another opiate. Cannibas is a known substance that can work differently with various body chemistrys, just as with any drugs. And beyond that, there are so many different strains with different effects and potency that pot is not just one med but a family of many. A huge difference is cannibas is not physically addictive. My personnal experience with both assures this as fact to me. I smoked over twenty years then went to pain meds for the last 10 years. There is no comparison to the withdrawl symptoms. Opiods equals hell withdrawl and pot is just a wish I could smoke some. I would hope that everyone invovled with chronic pain will do whatever they can to enlighted those who are anti-pot because of the years of propaganda. I do not advocate it being legalized, but allowed to be another tool in the management of chronic pain. Isn't it ironoc that for all the monies spent for pain relieving medications, a plant used before the dark ages is still the basis for most all pain relieving drugs, the poppy. And most of you all know someone (or yourself), who will take a few drinks (cocktails/wine) to help with pain even though it is quite dangerous to do so when on opiods. I've seen many who have gone the self dosing drinking route only to end up with a much bigger problem than the pain. I know by association with a friend, one of the four remaining federally supplied cannibas patiences. He gets a 3.8 potentcy, a very low potentcy. Yet it has helped him for over 40 years with no difficult problems. He has had his condition since age nine. Unfortunately, the feds are not using the program for research that counts, you should see what he has to smoke daily because of the low dosage. The point is, there are too many of us who are trying to live life with chronic pain and not all avenues are open for unbiased scientists to best deal with what's in front of us. There is so much that could be written on this subject, but I think most involved in this world would agree that pot should be available for medical purposes!

    Good luck to all of you.

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