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Thread: Marijuana for pain relief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imight View Post
    I was drinking medicinal root beer 2 days ago.

    best tasting damn root beer ive ever had.

    very mild high tho. but it lasted.
    Medicinal root beer. Is that something that is concocted at the cooperatives? I wonder how they keep it carbonated? I'd be game for a sixpack.

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    Snorp- Good points. I know that University of Massachusetts has wanted to study the various cannabinoids for years now, but gets rejected year after year. Recently, they decriminalized marijuana in Massachusetts, but medical marijuana is still illegal. A strange Catch-22. I've been thinking about getting involved with a pain clinic for a few years now but I don't want to be a guinea pig or restricted. Right now I'm looking into the Benson Henry Institute -- which is a mind-body center focused on medication as a way to relieve pain. It's sad that if I sign up for a pain clinic that I would no longer be eligible for treatments at the Benson Henry Institute.

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    if one has intractable neurogenic pain, then marijuana really doesn't help, although I smoke it 24/7, since if I stop to think about my situation and bleak future, I will kill myself. What I'm gonna need is heroin, to inject into my dead skin, and hopefully nod off and dies in my sleep

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    I can not smoke because it is against the law and you go to jail..whaaa

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYCUE View Post
    I know some people use marijuana to treat their pain/spasms. I was wondering the following.
    1. How much do you smoke at a time?
    2. How many times per day?
    3. Do you take any meds?

    I figured I'd ask before I try.
    Hi Jaycue,
    I've been injured for about 5 years now. I've smoked marijauana for 4 years for both pain and spasms.

    Before you start smoking weed, try to find out if you can get either Indica or Sativa strains of weed. Indica is mainly for pain and spasms and Sativa is generally for mild-to-moderate pain and is especially good for increasing appetite.

    If you're worried about the side-effects of smoking you can make your own tincture. A Tincture is like a Marijuana mouth wash. You just grind down the weed to powder and combine 2 grams of weed to every 10ml of alcohol. I use 95% alcohol. If you have bad pain, try mixing 2 or more different strains of weed together. 1 strain of weed has between 6-12 molecules of cannabinoids and there are 60 molecules in total. So the more you mix the better the high.

    If you have any questions regarding comsumption or whatever, just pm me and I'll be glad to help. Good luck!
    Never Give Up!

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    You cannot use the alcohol sold in drugstores, sometimes called rubbing alcohol, or certain other kinds. It will cause nerve damage, such as blindness etc. Where I went to college, a janitor was so addicted to alcohol, he was draining the alcohol out of specimen bottles along the halls where biology students walked. Unfortunately for him, it was the wrong type of alcohol, and he did go blind. Very sad.

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