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Thread: pain, help needed

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    Unhappy pain, help needed


    Still a noob here and this site is a God send. I'm an incomplete ruptured a disc with 100% spinal cord compression with an emergency laminectomy, healed somewhat but with pain, spastic contractions, and nerve pain.
    L4-5 fused a year later and a yre later L3-4.

    I have Cauda Equina issues, numbness, weakness bilateral, severe nerve pain right side from L-3 down and some drop foot on the right side.

    Unable to find any pain relief I amost went the suicide route.

    Tried spinal blocks, lumbar injections Oxy, Vic, Perc, Morph, the anti depressants and the anticonvulsants. I lived like a zombie.

    Had a Dorsal Spinal stim put in and it keeps me this side of suicide ..just and not every day.

    If I narc up I get such little relief I use it infrequently, Oxy 10-325s now they seem to be not working and 2 of them just dent it. I would say I take it in spurts of 3 days then can manage a week maybe two then have a week or two episode where I take it. then off it.

    when used infrequently do you still build a tolerance? My brother is an addict and I did go through withdrawal when I went off morph and I don't think it is withdrwal issues, nor does my pain doc.

    I do take baclofen as needed for spastic issues and it is the only semi reliable med I take and it really helps with spastic issues but if i take it on a continual basis i turn into a moron.

    Have a good pain doc (went through a few) who says I have one of the highest pain tolerance he's seen and cruelly it works against me. He is tireless in trying new ideas.

    I can't handle the drugs I get so stupid and dopey and last weekend 20mg oxy and baclofen (and unfortunately a few glasses of wine before the pain attack) and it took me a day to recover.

    I can't stand more than 15-20 minutes before I buckle, can walk a little better but with horrific pain and can lay down but in pain.

    Average pain 6-7 best case 4-5, worst 9-10.

    Always in pain

    no life, no sex, if I take drugs can't work.

    Anybody out there like this? any ideas?

    I'd say I get 2-3 hours of acceptable life a day


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    I wouldn't presume to think I have any experience that can be of help to your physical condition. I do know pain. I know there are more procedures on the horizon all the time. Your story shows you to be a strong individual with emmence courage. In the narc department all I can offer is the knowledge that too much is no answer. To little is much of the time worse than none at all. Sometimes there is a Goldielocks amount that is just right. Doesn't kill the pain, but can make it more tolerable. There are meds that work better after they build up a base in your system, the trick is to take enough to build the base but not so much as to make you non-functional. Once that base is established, then the other meds on an as needed bases can be found through trial and error. As you indicate with your relatives, these drugs are very incidious. They have a way of tempting you to take more. The thing is to really understand that part and stick to the dosage prescribed and only increase the amount after considering the reason, ie; more pain from phyisical changes or a build up of tolerance, etc. If I am seeming to make it sound easy,'s not. I am currently dealing with a medication question. And I expect to deal with it as long as the meds are a part of pain management. As for your oxy experience, the 10/325 is realitively a small dosage. You can try to elliminate the 325 which is acetametiphen and dangerous to your liver. Oxycodone straight up comes in 15mg. and larger. Perhaps you could try a couple of these to see what effect they may have. They last for about 6 hours and are IR in effect. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, you got to keep exploring. There may be some cocktail out there that will give you the quality of life that is acceptable. Good luck and keep the faith.
    No matter how cynical I try to be, I just can't seem to keep up with how bad things really are!

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    Just do know there are people here who will back you all the way! The pain part is NOT fun, neither is loss part of the life we have. Know you are NOT alone!

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    You didn't mention long acting narcs like methadone. Has your pain doc suggested these ever?

    What does a neurosurgeon have to say about whether there is some surgical procedure that can help you?

    So sorry you are suffering....

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    Pain is such an individual beast. You need to continue your quest for some type of relief. I have been offered narcotics but can not consider them because of the holiday. I am referring to down time from the drug when you hit a high level. I have also thought of suicide but that is not an option. I have two girls and a wonderful wife. The question I ask myself, is it more selfish for the people to want me here or is it more selfish for me to to relieve myself of pain. I have found a drug that has given some relief, lamectal.

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    I suggest exercise and stretching.

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    thanks for the input

    I've tried to find the Goldielocks baseline for years with different meds to no avail. I actually just came back from a conference where a Phd in clinical pain and treatment studies was speaking and he spoke with me privately, encouraging me to continue to try this approach despite the historical failures.

    I try to stretch and excersize but go into spastic spams and / or clonus reactions. Building up but ever so slowly and it has zero impact other than to cause pain, but I still need maximum function.

    I see the pain doc next week and am making notes looking to try again.

    fwiw the Phd I saw had tremendous empathy but essentially said basd on the injuries this is how things are right now and hang in as there is research being done and while not imminent some protocols are promising.

    the good news is that through the exercise to date I was able to manage the airports unassisted and work a trade show for 3 days. I won't discuss the pain but I was able to do the task


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