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Thread: Paperwork for Quest to Walk or Project Walk

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    Paperwork for Quest to Walk or Project Walk

    I'm checking into the Quest to Walk in Kansas City for my daughter. I have the application. It pretty much scares me!
    I understand the purpose to the waiver of Liability. But seeing " any activites a client participated in carrys the potential for severe physical injury." "even due to negliegence" etc. it all makes me 2nd guess.

    Am I overreacting?

    Would you be leary on being one of the first dozen clients at a new facility?

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    It is a standard waiver of liability. Google "liability waiver" and you will see the same language used in most, if not all of them.

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    I understand your hesitation but like Snowman says it is standard lang. I went to the Portland facility(now unfortunately closed) last year and they had only been open a year. Nothing they did there ever made me think twice about doing it. Keep us posted about Quest to Walk and your daughter's progress.


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    I know it is standard. And, if I can get thru all the paperwork, we hope to get her there soon.

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    i agree. it this opportunity provides access to at least improving somewhat, it will be worth the world to both of you. we have newbies up in boston but they were all willing to learn and want to be part of the process. trust in the hiring process, and don't worry about the paperwork to cover their ass. i'm taking the risk, as small as it is, and would advise anyone else with the opportunity to do the same...
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    On Monday June 23rd Quest to Walk is having an open house. This would be a great way to see the facility, meet the staff and have any questions you might have answered.

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