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Thread: Immediate help needed! How much to....

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    Immediate help needed! How much to....

    How much should someone get paid for being main caregiver of c4/5 quad, complete, that doesn't want to know much about, let alone be in charge of, own care? There is trach care, feeding tube, bladder/bowel management, medications, wounds from being in hospital....
    Thanks for any suggestions, Something has to be turned i

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    Someone who is unwilling to be in charge of their own care and direct it, make decisions, and be responsible is very unlikely to be successful at living with just an unskilled and untrained caregiver. At their level of injury, one of the main goals of a good rehabilitation program would have been to train him/her to direct their own care, problem solve, and know how to manage attendants.

    In addition, an arrangement where the person with the disability is opting out of being the boss and instead becomes a passive recipient of care, regardless of the lack of quality, is a set up for both abuse and neglect (financial, emotional, fiscal).

    Perhaps, in this case, a nursing home would be a better option.

    Personal care attendants without any experience, ready to be trained by an employer who does take charge generally make $13-16/hour in my area of the country (Southern CA).

    PS: you are likely to find people more willing to share if you tell them more about who YOU are, including completing your profile.


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    Wow....please be careful about such statements as a nursing home maybe a better option. It sounds like the OP is a disgruntled PCA who feels she should be paid more. This may or may not be so, but I would hate for a PCA to go suggesting to a young SCI person that may be newly injured (example only) that they might be better off in a nursing home.

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    IHSS pays 10.50 in Northern California.

    Pay is really region specific based on the cost of living to a certain degree...right? I think you'd probably need to give that information in order to get a better answer.
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    He hasn't got a hope in hell unless he smartens up. Why would he not want to know about what is required to keep him alive? Did he actually say that? That's a vulnerable position to be in, and unless you have a death wish, I can't see choosing it.

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    I think there are people who are in such a state of denial about their injuries that they just shut down; it's not that they 'won't', it's that they 'can't'.

    How recent is this person's injury? Have they gotten any psychological counseling?

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    Wow, I am new here, but, where is the support? This is a difficult road to travel on all levels. I am a respiratory therapist and I will gladly give any advice I can that might help. I understand what everyone is saying. You do have to become responsible for your care. I don’t know how many times I have had to teach a new nurse about dysreflexia, learning is the key.

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    Phew...the original post here looks like it cuts off in mid-sentence. wewill, could you please finish what you were saying? Sounds like this patient needs some moral support. Someone needs to help them understand that they still matter and help their self esteem. Maybe you could give us more info as KLD suggested.

    I have to agree with annabananna too...

    Are you the person's pca, wewill?

    How on earth did the patient get wounded in the hospital?

    Please tell the patient that there are people here who cares what happens to them!!!

    Let us know more information and keep us updated, please...

    Take care and prayers...


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    I have been a caregiver, in the mental health field, for about 10 years. KLD's comments are spot-on. It is a two way street, and both parties have to work constructively towards a professional relationship. I had many frustrations with my field, and on a lot of days I've thought it an accursed line of work in an accursed galaxy called health care, but it has undeniably had its rewards as well.

    In my part of the US, most private caregivers who work for an agency start at $6 to $8 an hour. More than that is practically unheard of, and raises are few and far between. An employee may well feel pretty expendable, because in truth he or she is, but if as I said they work hard, be honest, and use good sense they will be worth keeping. But it is also a young person's job, and you have to have the stamina and energy to keep going, sometimes for a very long time.

    In order for us to give you more advice you need to elaborate a little more on your question without necessarily saying too much, as confidentiality is very important. If this person really does not wish to take a role in directing his or her care, then its your altruistic duty to advocate for that person without consideration for your own interests or agenda whatsoever.

    Hope this helps.


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    What should be the required duties of an aide to a C-5 quad?

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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