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Thread: Natural treatments for bladder spasms and nerve pain?

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    Natural treatments for bladder spasms and nerve pain?

    Any natural treatments for bladder spasms and nerve pain? I currently take ditropan xl, and neurontin for these, but was wondering if there were any natural alternatives due to all of the side effects I have had with these drugs.

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    I have good luck treating bladder spasms with the Traditional Chinese Medicine formula called Ba Zheng San. Google it for full details, but it's been around for centuries. Ever since little Chinese men started saying: "Hurts to pee!". Any TCM doctor can prescribe it. I only bring it out to nuke bugs when my usual shotgun approach fails.

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    botox. i got it done 3 days ago due to bladder contractions/spasms n they have calmed down but it takes awhile 4 the botox to take full affect which is wat my urologist said...apparently its helped a few people on here! also increases bladder capacity...ill keep u up to date n how the botox goes
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    While botox is a toxin that is produced in nature, I don't think that I would classify it as natural. You might want to try some other medications that have similar effects if you are trying to get off of the ones you are on because of the side effects.

    You could also look into alternative medicine- accupuncture might work, as well as massage and meditation.


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