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Thread: Where can I sell my old power chairs?

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    Where can I sell my old power chairs?

    The power chairs are A Quickie s-626 with no tilt and a Quickie p-220 with tilt. Plus I have a pair of e-Motion wheels that need batteries and probably tires. I don't know what to ask for the power chairs or where to advertise them and I figured $1500 would be a pretty reasonable price for the wheels.
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    I had a really good sip and puff wheelchair than I wanted to get rid of, the easiest way I got rid of mine was I donated it to ALS foundation and they even picked it up. Bam, easy as one two three

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    I'd stray away from selling it on Ebay. I have noticed lately that very few people are biding on power chairs on that site, and most only offer local pickup, which can be hard for someone who lives out of state.

    I'd see if they would sell in the "equipment" forum of this site. Or, you can put an ad in the local newspaper.


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    Advertise here, perhaps craigslist, or donate to a local rehab center.

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    ABIL has a newsletter that includes a for sale/wanted section. I suggest you sign up too so you know what's going on locally. ABIL runs some really good seminars; most can be attended by teleconference.
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