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Thread: my beach wheelchair is finished

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    That looks well constructed. one thing you might want to think about is painting it because UV rays make PVC brittle in a short amount of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff B
    If you use one of these white plastic lawn chairs then be careful. An attendant I used to have once worked at an assisted care facility on a low budget that used one of those chairs as a shower chair and some poor guys testicles popped through the slit it the seat and got stuck so they could not come back out. The poor guy did not have the reasoning ability to stay calm and freaked out. Ultimately they had to have the local emergency firemen come and cut the chair apart to free him.
    I use a folding lawn chair that locks in place. No spaces for mangarines to lodge.

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    motorized beach wheelchair access to beach

    My friends Tom & John Swett have manufactured an awesome product called the Beachscoot. This unit can be rented or bought and is in my opinion the best scooter on the market. John had polio since he was 5 years old so they decided to make a product that would give handicapped people a chance to have freedom and not be confined to certain areas.
    The home base for the Beachscoot is Panama City Beach, Fla and is licensed for the bublic beaches here. the website is

    I just thought I would pass that info to you people,

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    Great Great stuff I just love when we inspire new stuff it makes all our lives easier in the end .... 1 Q ... hows the steering?
    It's not a wheelchair it's a lifestyle!

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    Very cool spinky. enjoy ur summer in the sand..

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    the steering on the Beachscoot is great....there are lots of vids on the website for you to check out. Thanks for asking

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    Awesome that is a nice looking beach wheel chair let us know how it works for you when you go to the beach with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aliya
    You husband and son did a good job. Sorry about your husband's injury, ouch.

    We went to pensacola beach last year I did get tired of sitting on the pier while my husband was in the ocean. At least our hotel was on the beach which was nice. We went in the off season so the lifeguard stand wasn't open but I have heard that they have beach wheelchairs available. Only thing we always go on vacation in the off season to avoid the crowds guess that worked against us as far as getting the use of a beach chair. I did get to go parasailing which was fun!
    Try Navarre or Destin Beaches sometime, they offer beach chairs also. beautiful beaches!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by missrhonda
    Try Navarre or Destin Beaches sometime, they offer beach chairs also. beautiful beaches!!!
    I agree. We stayed a Henderson Beach State Park a few years ago and loved the place. At the time it was only $16 for RV camping. Best place we stayed at on that trip.

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    ok...i am sorta late posting,sorry, but we did get our trip to the beach and the chair worked wonderfully. we didn't have any problems at all and it easily went through the soft sand as well as the packed wet sand. it was also helpful because they purposely built it to hold our small cooler underneath and towels in the back, so there was less junk to carry down by hand. i am well pleased with the chair. the only thing that would make it better would be if it were motorized so i could handle it myself without having to be pushed (which i hate). however, we live a long way from the beach and we don't get to go more often than once a year for a week, so it isn't very practical to spend a lot of money on a motorized beach chair.

    i am happy to have this one and at least have the option of being able to go down on the sand. this worked great for us.

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