I am fairly new to this community. And I am German and know that our health insurances probably work differently from yours in the U.S. But I wanted to ask two things:
First: Is anyone driving a Permobil power chair and can report their experiences? I wanted the C 500 vertical version because of the standing option.
Second: I am a C6 quadreplegic, and when I tried this wheelchair it felt like a different (good) world. Right now I have an "active" wheelchair which I drive with my wrists at home and which is o.k. The problem lies in a really very uncomfortable and bulky standing wheelchair which makes me almost completely immobile, and in a terribly stiff grandmother wheelchair with attached power unit for driving outside. But this one cannot get over obstacles outside, cannot change the sitting position at all and makes my neck and shoulder hurt and strained after a couple of hours. This wheelchair situation makes me more handicapped than I really am. Any advice from you all how to deal with the health insurance now? - Regine