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Thread: Autonomic Dysreflexia

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    Autonomic Dysreflexia

    Here are the current editions of both the professional clinical practice guidelines on the management of autonomic dysreflexia (from the Consortium for SCI Medicine) and the layperson version. Both are currently in revision, with the 2nd edition of the professional version due for release in September of this year:

    Professional version:

    This is the patient/layperson version:

    I recommend that everyone at risk for AD (generally SCI above T7) print out copies and take them with you for any hospitalization, physician visit or medical treatment. Keep a copy in your van or car. So few health care professionals know anything about AD, this can be a valuable resource for your provider to assist you in management, as well as knowing how to prevent it.

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    2nd edition

    The newly revised second edition of the professional guidelines on the management of AD have just been published. If you have bookmarked the previous link, it is still usable for the new version as well. If you have printed the content, you may want to discard your old copy and print a copy of the new ones to share with your doctors or other providers.

    The 2nd edition patient version has not yet been released. (KLD)

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    There is now a $5 charge for all the consumer versions of the Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine Clinical Practice Guidelines, and a $8 charge for the professional versions. The website is also changed. Here is the new link to these publications:


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    The guidelines are now free, but you must use this URL:


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    I read about AD but am not sure if it is something I need to be concerned with. I am a walking Quad because of a tumor in my cord @ (C2-C6). I have B/B control so do I still need to be concerned.


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    Although with more incomplete injuries the likelyhood of developing AD is less, it still can and does occur in "walking quads". If you get it, it is an emergency and you would need to know what to do right away. I would recommend that you download and read this booklet. Forewarned is forearmed.


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