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Thread: 19 year old daughter, new SCI, no insurance

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    19 year old daughter, new SCI, no insurance

    Im not sure Im posting in the right thread or not.........

    My daughter was on her way home from work when she rolled her Jeep. Shes been in ICU for 34 days now with broken ribs, collapsed lungs and an SCI. They initially removed the C6 Burst Fracture and fused the C5 and C7. She was in a medically induced coma for 12 days due to the condition of her lungs. They think she may have aspirated some stomach acid during surgery so her lungs have had a very hard time healing. Just keeping her alive was our main concern. Now that she is beginning to breathe on her own and making great improvements, we need to start the Rehab process.

    Being that shes 19 and not a full time student, we could no longer carry her on our insurance. She had just started a job 5 weeks prior therefore not eligible for company insurance. Employees must pass a "probationary" period before the benefits kick in. She had about 6 weeks to go. Life insurance, short and long term disability, vision, dental and medical all part of same package that she isnt eligible for.

    We live in Nevada and have applied for SSDI and Medicare/Medicaid. My question is.... What do we do in the meantime? No Rehab facilities accept uninsured patients as a rule. What other resources are available to her? I can find basically nothing in our area in regards to SCI.

    The hospital she is at has a great Trauma center and she is receiving the best care we could hope for but it isnt Rehab. They are trying to help us by looking into places such as Craig and Santa Clara...Shriners..etc. But what can I do to help?

    We have already decided that I will be the one to go with Ivy wherever her Rehab may take her while my husband stays here and works and takes care of Ivys 3 year old daughter and our other she wont be without family support..tho I know family support is secondary to the rehabilitaion process.

    So sorry to have rambled. I just have so many questions and have no clues! I found this website shortly after her accident and have found it to be very informative, supportive and friendly so I figured Id give posting a shot!

    Thanks in advance to all.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your situation. The best thing is to get a case manager assigned to this to help your coordinate your benefits and figure out what your daughter needs to do. If she is ELEGIBLE for shriners, that might be a possibility. Either way, you need to figure out the first step. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the quick response!

    We do have a case coordinator as well as a Social worker looking at all angles. They are actually the ones who are looking into Shriners... Tho thats iffy due to her age and the fact she has a child. My fingers are crossed tho! We are also looking into VA assistance as she has a large military family background tho its Uncles and Great Grandpa and Great uncles..etc. None are last generation except my brothers..maybe helpful? I dont know but worth a try.
    What she does have going for her is that she has already made marked recovery on her own...can move both arms,wrists, has biceps and triceps ( this is how nurse explained to me....Im just learning here!) has pretty good strength in arms, can wiggle toes a bit. She has feeling almost everywhere and what the DR. called a good anal wink. ( I saw that here somewhere so I think thats a good thing) Her attitude is great...some depression but thats to be expected. She has fierce determination to walk again, if not that, to at least be independent enough to care for her daughter
    She does have a stage 3 pressure sore tho. This is from being on a rotorest bed to keep the lung secretions moving and being to unstable to move. That will mend in time Im hoping.
    I do know that the "Live for Today...Tomorrow may never Come" and "Why save it.. you cant take with you" theories have backfired. Kinda makes me feel that Ive let her down by not having a big ole secret stash to draw upon and whisk her away to the best rehab money could buy ya know?
    I have the utmost faith that something will work out tho...somehow. Shes to wonderful to be kept down for long!

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    In CA many rehab centers will take SCI patients "medicaid pending" and it will pay retroactive to the date of the injury once it is approved, but I haven't a clue if that also applies to Nevada. It doesn't hurt to contact your state legislators to find out if there is anything they can do to expedite her application.

    Unfortunately the VA will not be an option. VA healthcare is only available to the veteran themselves....not to family members.

    Good luck. She is fortunate to have you in here corner. I am going to move this over to the New SCI forum though as it is more appropriate there.


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    Watch that pressure sore. They can get serious fast. Nothing to mess with.
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    I think at this time there would be absolutely no shame in asking for a fundraiser. It's summer - outdoor barbecue, maybe a band volunteering their time, restaurant might cater at little cost. First responders (police, paramedics, fire) usually have generous hearts and wallets ... make the local media your friend as they love a good story ... I think summer is the perfect time for this! It's fun in Canada to poke fun at Windsor where I live, but what keeps me here is how people rally in support of their own when something terrible happens.

    Hmm .. but to find someone to help arrange it or I know there's been others here who have thrown fundraisers.

    I like the idea.
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    sorry to here about your daughter, i recenlty had an accident copressing at t12 - L1, very hard and tiring rehab, but well worth it in the end made me inderpendent again and ability to cope with any situations, there still is hope yet with anyone with sci, as they have only hit the first phase with stem cells, shouldnt be too much longer until they will be able to repair the spinal cord..... =)

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    sorry to hear about your situation. i went through a similar one less than a year ago. i had just finished my master's degree a few weeks before my accident, so i didn't have insurance either. i'd advise a couple things that helped in my situation.

    while i was in icu, my father got on the phone and made calls to medicaid. left a voicemail on every customer service reps machine. he got 1 call back, but that person helped push us along. so make some calls. make a lot of them if necessary.

    i have a great support network. family and friends have held fundraisers for me to help cover bills, equipment and care. couldn't do this without them...

    i'm a new sci as well, but those two things were necessary for me to get the care i need.

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    My son's accident was in South Carolina; while he was in intensive care there, the caseworkers and insurance folks at the hospital worked with me to get him set up not only for Medicaid in SC, but also to start the application process for him to begin New Jersey Medicaid when he moved back home with us to attend Kessler Rehab. As someone else said, I think a lot of rehab centers as well as acute care hospitals do the 'pending' thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    In CA many rehab centers will take SCI patients "medicaid pending" and it will pay retroactive to the date of the injury once it is approved, but I haven't a clue if that also applies to Nevada. It doesn't hurt to contact your state legislators to find out if there is anything they can do to expedite her application.

    I agree.

    I didnt have my insurance card with me, and I was in a coma, my mom didnt know my insurance info.

    take her to Rancho Los Amigos (its where I was shipped for a couple of weeks), they will retro her and help a great deal with getting her what she needs. Most of their patients get approved for medical because the state works very close with this facility as it was deemed top 3 in the country, and is a county SCI facility. You're from Nevada but I would call them. They work magic and are very VERY knowlegable.

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