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Thread: Journey Forward in Boston

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    Journey Forward in Boston

    JOURNEY FORWARD (formerly PROJECT WALK's Boston Center), has opened in Canton, MA. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of those with Spinal Cord Injuries. For more information on our program please visit:

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    What happened to Project Walk? Is Journey Forward a similar collaboration of physical therapists and spinal cord injury specialists? Thank you in advance --

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    Project Walk has decided not to expand, but certify other facilities at the Carlsbad, CA center instead. Journey Forward is similar in that we use activity based therapy for spinal cord injuries. However, Journey Forward's goal is to grow and make this type of program accessible to everyone both geographically and financially.

    I see you are in the Boston area. You should check out the facility. We are at 755 Dedham St, Canton, MA 02021 or give us a call at 781.828.3233 and we can set up an appointment.

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    great place. worth a look, in my opinion.

    knowledgeable, great atmosphere, and most importantly will push you to help you achieve your goals.

    i've seen solid gains in leg strength and trunk control since they've been here (late january).
    working every day to get out of my chair.

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    interested in journey forward...could you explain more please

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    Journey Forward is an activity based recovery program. We use different types of exercise techniques including table work, load bearing, FES, gait training, and others to increase strength and function. We really try to focus on strengthening our client’s weaknesses and working with the entire body with everything from small to large complex movements. We work with clients of all different levels and abilities.

    Also, we are in the process of getting more information on the website and should have some more content in the next few weeks.

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    My husband is attending Journey Forward and loves it. He has been going since March of this year and has notice some significant improvement in his muscle strength, tone and stability. He is able to stand in the standing frame for over 25 minutes and sit up unassisted for 25 minutes. We highly recommend it to anyone in the Boston area.

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    Is there a waiting list to get in to an intensive program at Journey Forward, Boston? I figured 3 hours a day, 5 days a week -> 2 weeks would be $3,000. Would that include the Train your Trainer home package?

    What are names of some cheap hotels around the area? Is there a place that has home aides which can come every other day or night to do a bowel program?

    Could be there for two weeks, preferabbly longer. More info please. Feel free to pm me. Thanks.

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    is journey forward nice, is it not just project walk...better than michigan institute of rehab?

    anyone currently go to journey forward and can say good things about it?

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    i'd recommend calling and talking first rather than deciding what your schedule will be. They will tell you about training your trainer, and all that it entails, when you ask. They also know what generally works best for you and your nervous system.

    jf is similar to project walk. boston staff has become journey forward. it's great. more and more i feel my trunk strength is returning, and i'm able to stand for a few minutes either with a walker or on a power plate. it takes some time, but it's well, well worth it.
    working every day to get out of my chair.

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