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Thread: The worst headache of my life: Biggest fright of my life.

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    The worst headache of my life: Biggest fright of my life.

    For years I taught the warning signs of a brain attack and even as a new growing nurse specializing in neurosciences I knew how to evaluate a person and became a certified stroke responder. What I never thought of is why it is important for EVERYONE to know, because the knowledge really does no good for the person experiencing any attack on their brain.

    Last thursday evening, after a very long week of high stress and a migraine ongoing, I came home and went to bed very early. I was IM'ing with a friend telling him that I just did not feel right, that my migraine had changed and that it was all different. My vision was fuzzy and the room was spinning and my understanding was I had just told him on IM that I did not want to go to ER...

    Then the phone rang and I heard it. I picked up my head from over the right and I had been slumped over in my bed. My laptop was dumped over off my legs and blacked out on the 10 minute time out. When I picked up the phone, my head hurt worse than ever and he asked me why I did not answer him on the computer. I could not express myself, my words were all mixed up and not making sense according to him later on. After some minutes, my head was clearing...the whole thing taking about 25 minutes.

    I fell asleep shortly thereafter, not able to think of anything else to do. My friend knows me to be competent and knowledgeable and would not think that maybe something was altered there. I went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and realized how shakey I was. I also realized that I might have had a TIA (transient ischemic attack) or could even be evolving a stroke. My point is, I missed the window of opportunity if there had been something there, to use clot dissolving medication to minimize the damages all because my mental status was altered completely and I was essentially alone.

    I am sending out this link as a refresher course on the basics of stroke and brain attack. I helped and supported a World-Class Nationally recognized stroke program at my hospital and when I was altered all my knowledge was as nothing. My friend was not acutely aware of this. Had he been, he would have called 911 for me. The basics are easy, everyone needs to be aware, these simple steps can save a life and prevent disability.

    As it happens, my friend was not satisfied with my condition in the morning and came and took me to my hospital where we called my doctor from my office then went downstairs to ER. I was admitted by a great ER doc from Rutgers who knew well of Wise and treated me with great concern.
    The Stroke Protocol is impressive. It was done very quickly and stroke was ruled out within the hour. I was held overnight for pain control and an MRI/MRA and finally mid day Saturday the Neuro of the day let me go home.

    I have complicated migraines, as much as three different kinds at once, and they are becoming more and more a challenge to work around. The diagnostics are not completely evaluated but for the moment everything is ok.

    Please read more about Stroke. Please be informed and inform your family and friends. When a brain attack happens, survival may depend on the knowledge of others.

    I am home and safe. It was a big fright. My friends took excellent care of me. Nothing takes the place of being loved in the world. It turns IS who you know doubt in my pays to love one another in this pays.

    Be well all..and READ ABOUT STROKE. Check out Operation Stroke.


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    sorry to hear that....hug.

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    Oh Mary, please don't scare us like that again! Just like you said, you know as well as any one of us what can happen. So glad to see that you're ok now, but you definitely gotta get to the bottom of your migraine problem somehow. Stick around a little longer will ya!


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    So glad you are OK.Does this mean you have to be more vigilate in the future? My son is a "first respondser" and I hope I realize when I should call or not. But not sure. What signs would you suggest for us to watch for, to call 911?

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    yowzers. glad you're okay...

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    On the one hand, I'm glad you're okay.

    On the other, I'm even gladder.

    Get well soon, nurse!'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Strokes are terrifying. My mother was the age I am now when she had hers. It was completely devastating. I've had a different Mom since that day. Glad you didn't have one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebajane
    So glad you are OK.Does this mean you have to be more vigilate in the future? My son is a "first respondser" and I hope I realize when I should call or not. But not sure. What signs would you suggest for us to watch for, to call 911?

    The first page of the site I linked tells you exactly what you should know. Never accept the word of someone who appears to be altered mentally. It is better to drag an ambulance to a home and be cleared than to NOT.

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    Holy shitskies, Mary, I'm sooo glad you're apparently OK. I also a little ashamed of you that you didn't call 911 or tell your IMing friend just what you were experiencing. Don't do that again, OK?

    Big !
    "The world will not perish for want of wonders but for want of wonder."

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    I am so glad you survived this, Mary. What a story!

    I learned that someone in distress will rarely agree that 911 needs to be called. It is difficult to over-rule someone who might be in need of emergency care, but sometimes we have to make the hard choice and call 911. It is better to make that call, and have your friend angry with you, than not, and live to regret it.

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