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Thread: Top End Crossfire

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    Top End Crossfire

    anyone useing this chair i just had one ordered with the ergo seating

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    Not to discourage you, but I was fitted by a PT and OT for a Top End Crossfire. What I got was a disaster. The chair did not fit or feel right from the time it was delivered. They made numerous changes, but nothing helped. I finally returned it to the vendor and had a nasty fight to get my money back and the insurance payments refunded. It is the only chair I have returned in 22 years. Hopefully your experince will be better than mine.
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    hopefully u handled all measurments yourself. for your sake, i hope so rep
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    I have one. It's not a bad chair & it basically has been problem-free. Not much of it is adjustable, so yes, I too hope it was ordered correctly.

    I have the ergo seat. Some people like it. Some don't. I think it's good in theory but I doubt I'd order it again. Thoughts here:

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    I have one with ergo and love it! Granted I had a quickie that was junk before. Top End did my measurements since they are local here. Haven't had any problems with mine
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    i had measurements done yes i have a quickie gt now with frog legs was my first chair i dont recomend frog legs to anyone i tested it for a week before i decided there are alot of adjustements on it as many as my quickie gt thanks for all opinions

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